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Planning to switch things up in your bedroom? Do you wish your bedroom had more storage options available for you? Investing in fitted bedroom furniture might just be what you’re looking for. 

A lot of people have an idea of what kind of furniture they want, but don’t know exactly what their options are or have any idea of pricing. Many simply don’t know where to start with purchasing as the ready-made options don’t fit their needs. This is why fitted bedroom furniture takes the win when you wish to create your designs. 

A small amount of simple measuring planning is necessary when it comes to you designing and ordering your furniture. Let’s look at the 5 key things to consider when it comes to designing your fitted wardrobes. 

1. Analyze the space available

The first thing you will need to do is analyze all the space that is available to you. Are you replacing existing wardrobes or are you starting from an empty wall? Measure the wall that you will be fitting wardrobes to and note down the sizes. See our measuring guide for more help.

2. Consider the storage you need 

Fitted wardrobes allow for you to maximise storage space in your bedroom. You will often need made to measure furniture to make the most of your space. 

Think about how much more storage you need and what type of storage that needs to be.

chests of drawers

3. Drawers built into the wardrobes or as separate chests

Most bedrooms will need some drawer space. You have the option of having separate drawer chests, drawers exposed on the wardrobes or drawers hidden inside the wardrobes. You can always have a mixture to help keep the symmetry in the room and allow you to keep frequently used items easier to access

wardrobe interior

4. Wardrobe interiors that suit your needs

You will need to decide how much many single rails you want for dresses and trousers, or how many double rails you want for shirts, blouses and jackets and how much shelf space you want for folded clothes and other items. You can choose a "Single Hanging" option, where you have one rail and a deeper space for longer items, or a "Double Hanging" option, with two rails. Its easiest to gauge this by looking at how you use your current wardrobes and change it according to how you would prefer to store your clothes.

Perhaps you want to incorporate a fitted wardrobe with TV space if you enjoy watching TV in bed... or if you want something to wrap around the bed like overbed wardrobes for maximum storage space.

5. Match your room

Many people have so many clothes that they don’t want to give up any wardrobe hanging space for drawers and shelves. Don’t forget that you can always add drawer chests and other cabinets to the bedroom if you need to use all of your wardrobe space for single and double hanging.  

When it comes to your bedroom’s furniture, you can do so much!

All you need to do is a bit of planning beforehand and you’re good to go!

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