If you're planning on decorating your bedroom... or perhaps even redecorating, there's plenty to think about and plan for. But in the modern era, you don't need to be an interior designer to come up with something that you'll love and feel comfortable in for many years.

It's all about being cosy, comfortable and functional. Here's our top tips for decorating your bedroom.


decorating and painting bedroom

1. Don't go crazy with the colours. A bedroom should be a place that's calm and soothing, somewhere to relax and wind down at the end of the day. We recommend opting for more neutral colours like creams, light greys or whites. If you want a splash of colour, go for a lighter and softer pallete like duck egg blue or lavender. 

Although some people love a big, vibrant coloured bedroom which can look great in some spaces, it could date quite easily leaving you wanting a change again. This doesn't mean that your bedroom needs to be boring of course! Add a splash of colour with some brightly coloured cushions or a throw - or even go for a feature wall with some exciting wallpaper.



2. Let's keep some space. The last thing you want is for your bedroom to feel cramped so that you're unable to move around freely without tripping over things or sliding past furniture. Try to avoid over-filling the room with big, bulky furniture like TV units, chests of drawers or even simple things like a linen basket.

Use the extra space, either with some built-in wardrobes or even simple under-bed storage containers. To really maximise the space, you can look at overbed wardrobes with cabinets that run across the wall.


bedroom lighting

3. Lighting is everything. A room that feels dark and unpleasant or overly bright won't be somewhere you want to spend much time and you won't feel comfortable either. We recommend layering your lighting so that you don't just rely on a big ceiling light for everything.

Choose some soft, warm lighting for your bedside lamps, or add a lighting strip such as the Philips Hue Lightstrip behind your headboard to give the bed a soft glow. You can even control it via Alexa or Google Assistant for a truly smart home.


bedroom decoration

4. Keep things soft. Let us explain. A bedroom can be full of "hard" surfaces... like your bed frame, chest of drawers, wardrobes, doors and more. This is especially true if you've got wood flooring, too.

Try to add some softer touches, such as a fluffy throw, a rug or some nice large curtains to soften the mood and make the place feel warmer and more cosy. 


bedroom reading nook

5. Extra space? Create a reading nook! We love seeing a bedroom that has an eave or alcove - often found in traditional, older properties from the Victorian era.

A window alcove can be converted into a really nice seating area that can be used for reading and relaxing in style, with lots of natural light from the window too! The perfect place to curl up with a coffee or a glass of wine.


bedroom plant

6. Need some colour? Add a plant! This is a very marmite-like situation... some people absolutely hate the idea of having plants in their bedroom, whereas others love the colour, fresh smells and natural vibes that it brings. Opt for something luscious, green and leafy.

According to this article by Dreams, the snake plant is great for helping you sleep as it emits oxygen at night which, in turn, helps you sleep better! Many plants offer air purifying and many other benefits to your mental and physical wellbeing.

Check out our guide to the best plants for your bedroom.


bedroom office

7. Move the office away. The COVID-19 pandemic made us all rethink a lot about our lives, with millions of us suddenly working from home. With homes that weren't ever designed to have a home office in them, we had to rejig rooms and move things around.

Our tip is to avoid the bedroom... keep your relaxation space and your work space seperate... use a spare bedroom, dining table or even your living room rather than the bedroom if you can.



8. Explore Pinterest for inspiration. There's a number of websites that allow you to create mood boards of styles, inspirations and ideas when you're planning on decorating your bedroom. We recommend you sign up for Pinterest, then start searching and browsing for ideas to "pin" so you can explore them later.

You can even segment by style or item by creating your own boards for different elements of the bedroom.

Be warned: once you go down this rabbit hole you can lose hours of your life exploring Pinterest! Be sure to follow Online Bedrooms on Pinterest whilst you're there!


fitted wardrobes

9. Maximise your space with fitted wardrobes. Of course, we're biased here in that we supply wardrobes so customers can create a fitted bedroom that looks great.

Instead of spending a fortune on a full service company, make your budget go further with our DIY made to measure wardrobes, which can add value to your home and make the most of every last centimetre of space.

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