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Many people are opting to add greenery and nature in the form of plants to their bedroom. It's known as biophilia, which is a trend for introducing plants into building design. Biophilic design is growing in popularity as people love to connect with nature... it's name literally means "an innate and genetically determined affinity of human beings with the natural world."

Adding greenery to your bedroom tends to pair well with simple, white walls and rich, natural oak furniture. Alternatively, if you really love colour and bold design, opt for some luscious green paint or wallpaper to really embrace nature. We included the addition of plants in our tips for bedroom design.

In addition, plants in the bedroom can improve the quality of your sleep, the way you breathe and generally be good for your mental and physical wellbeing. They're also believed to improve productivity (so great to have in your home office!).

In short, some of the main benefits to having plants in your bedroom are: 

• Improved air quality
• More humidity in your bedroom
• Reduced levels of stress
• Improving your mental health
• Increased creativity

Now, let's take a look at 5 of the best plants for your bedroom:


lavender plant

Lavender or Jasmine

Best for relaxation. Recognised globally as being a fantastic aid for relaxation, lavendar is even used in sleep sprays and remedies to aid a deep, soothing slumber. It is proven to lower blood pressure, heart rate and stress levels which makes it the ideal companion for your bedroom.

Jasmine, meanwhile, has small white flowers and gives off a lovely, sweet scent that can often be found in essential oils designed for relaxation.  The scent of jasmine is known to be linked to reducing anxiety levels and improving the quality of your sleep.

Both jasmine and lavender plants enjoy warmth and plenty of sunlight, so make sure to put them on a sunny windowsill. 


snake plant

Snake Plant

Best for air purification. This attractive, tall plant is otherwise known as "mother-in-law's tongue" and is known to be a natural air purifier.

Easily recognised by its evergreen sword-shaped leaves that grow upright, and almost resemble artificial foliage, the snake plant can grow anywhere from 6 inches to several feet and in addition to adding some gorgeous green ambience to your bedroom, there's also a number of health benefits. 

Snake plants help to filter indoor air. It's quite unique in that it can convert carbon dioxide into oxygen at night time, which makes it the ideal bedroom companion as it will regulate healthy airflow. It can also help remove toxic air pollutants, which can help act as an effective defence against certain airborne allergies.

The plant is mildly toxic if consumed, so best to avoid if you have pets or small children that like to chew on things!


peace lily

Peace Lily

Best for humidity. Similar to the snake plant we just mentioned, the peace lily is an amazing air cleaner and has even been studied by NASA! It can supposedly increase the humidity of your room by up to 5% which is great for improving your breathing whilst you sleep (great for snorers!).

Improving the humidity levels in your bedroom can help you avoid colds, respiratory illnesses and generally aid with avoiding viruses and germs, which thrive in low humidity environments.

Easy to care for, the peace lily is very popular according to the Royal Horticultural Society and it's easy to see why, with it's beautiful white blooms against long, green glossy leaves. 


devils ivy

Devil's Ivy

Best for indoor hanging baskets. If you're wanting some hanging baskets for your bedroom, then look no furtrher than Devil's Ivy. Known for it's satiny, heart-shaped leaves with pale spots or even a flame pattern. 

If you look after it well, Devil's Ivy will grow very old and remain beautiful, making it an ideal companion for the bedroom. It also helps to improve the air quality in your home according to a NASA Clean Air Study. 

It enjoys light areas, but ideally not in direct sunlight. Devil's Ivy can either be a hanging or a climbing plant making it very versatile for your home.


aloe vera

Aloe Vera

Great for indoor air quality. Yet another plant for improving air quality in your bedroom (noticed a theme?) the aloe vera plant is an ideal bedroom companion that requires very little maintenance. 

Because this is a succulent plant, it stores moisture within it's leaves so doesn't need a huge amount of looking after. Speaking of those leaves, as you'll probably already know aloe vera gel is fantastic for soothing cuts, burns, insect bites and dry skin, which means this medicinal plant is a great thing to have in your home.


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