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Are you still pondering what to do with the spare bedroom that is currently causing an eye-sore due to years of neglect? Rather than turning it into a modern bedroom that you still won't use, transforming it into a walk-in wardrobe could be the perfect solution. 

With the dedicated support of one of our Designers at Online Bedrooms on your side, a walk-in wardrobe can work wonders for your property and lifestyle. Here are just some of the benefits it can deliver.

Give The Room A Purpose

While you could revamp the bedroom to make it more aesthetically pleasing, the truth is that you've already shown that you do not need a spare room. Even if you have guests stay on a semi-frequent basis, a sofa bed can be equally accommodating. Turning the spare bedroom into a walk-in wardrobe dressing room restores function to this part of the home, which is highly beneficial when your home is a little crowded.

Our experts can design, build, and install all essential walk-in wardrobe features to ensure it is fully tailored to your requirements. Crucially, it will free up more space to make your master bedroom appear far bigger too. Depending on its size and shape, it may be possible to add items like a folding ironing board to claw back valuable space in other parts of the property.

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Gain The Luxury Aesthetic

When you think about a big walk-in wardrobe that's the size of a small bedroom, you probably picture huge celebrity mansions. This type of feature undeniably carries an atmosphere of luxury and grandeur. We can bring those positive vibes to the heart of your home in style, and it will certainly increase your sense of pride in the property. Frankly, its impact will impress visitors with far greater results than a spare room too.

As with all of our fitted wardrobes, when you create your walk-in wardrobe it can be designed to meet any appearance you see fit. Colour schemes, furniture layouts, lighting features, and mirrors can be used to bring the space to life while creating a consistent look with the master bedroom. Aside from creating a beautiful space, it can become your dress rehearsal space for trying outfits on.

Likewise, you can fit a dressing table with the perfect lighting for daily beauty rituals.

Protect Your Clothes & Sanity

Forcing clothes into small spaces like you currently do causes them to lose shape, gain creases, and generally suffer reduced quality. With a big walk-in wardrobe, your clothes stay organised while they are crucially able to breathe. When your walk-in wardrobe is designed with the right balance of racks, shelving, and drawers, your clothes will thank you for it. The days of spending hours looking for your favourite top can also become a thing of the past.

It should also be noted that a walk-in wardrobe is easier to clean thanks to the reduced clutter. Crucially, it helps prevent mould growth, which will stop clothes from becoming spoiled and your health becoming compromised. Therefore, the benefits of a walk-in wardrobe can be enjoyed with immediate results followed by many years of enjoyment. That's something a revamped spare room simply won't.

To find out more about turning your spare room into a walk-in wardrobe, get in touch today!

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