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When it comes to the bedroom, bigger is certainly better... regarding furniture and space, of course! However, any successful interior designer will confirm that physical dimensions aren’t the only key feature. Size matters, but how you use it is what will truly determine whether your bedroom becomes a place fit for royalty.

Grey fitted wardrobes are an increasingly popular feature that could transform your bedroom forever. Whether you're looking to revamp your main sleeping area, or if you want to convert a second bedroom into a dressing room or walk in wardrobe, a muted grey colour will feel contemporary and timeless for years to come.

Our DIY fitted wardrobes are the perfect choice for you if you want beautiful, made to measure furniture in your bedroom but don't want to pay the extortionate prices of the "fully fitted" companies... simply grab a couple of tools and assemble them yourself. Everything's bespoke to your space, we just supply it flat-packed ready for easy self-installation! Oh, and you'll save a LOT of money.

grey oak fitted wardrobe

So, why grey fitted wardrobes?

We already know that fitted wardrobes are a great addition to any bedroom, maximising the potential of the available space while creating a clean and organised aesthetic that is particularly easy to maintain. Moreover, the extra touch of class and control will often boost the property value too. So, why choose grey?

Opting for grey fitted wardrobes can provide a host of additional benefits. Here are just some of the many reasons why they are the perfect solution for any modern bedroom upgrade:

Make your room feel larger.

They can make the bedroom look even bigger, especially if opting for a lighter shade that reflects the light. Moreover, there are several simple ways to brighten up a bedroom boasting a grey colour scheme, which will create the perception of added space as well as a happier atmosphere. Crucially, the fact that you’ll have more storage space will free up more floor space, which prevents any threat of overcrowding.

grey built in wardrobes in loft conversion

Easy to maintain.

Grey fitted wardrobes are easy to look after. Unlike white tones, grey wardrobe doors can accumulate a little dirt without losing their aesthetic appeal. Meanwhile, they do not run the risk of feeling uninviting like some of the darker colour palettes.

In addition to the direct benefits gained by the fitted wardrobes themselves, the rewards are extended to any bed sheets, bedroom rugs, or accessories that may be bought to bring the room to life. All are potentially easier to clean when they’re grey.

grey fitted wardrobe

A striking look.

Grey fitted wardrobes become a central feature of any bedroom layout or style. Whether it’s an ultra-modern look or a Scandinavian-inspired, natural wood aesthetic that you desire, you'll find what you need in our collection. We offer a range including Light & Dust Grey, available in both matt and gloss finishes, or our gorgeous Grey Nebraska Oak for a natural wood style.

With our range, you should have no problems in finding the perfect grey fitted wardrobes for your property. They are the perfect solution for updating modern spaces and overhauling a bedroom with a complete remodel.

light grey fitted wardrobes chimney breast

Stunning features.

When choosing grey fitted wardrobes, you also gain the opportunity to embrace an extensive range of door handles, knobs, and internal features that deliver the extra wow factor. Whether choosing racks and shelving or external handles, the versatility of grey fitted wardrobes puts you in full control.

The main colour of your furniture can be paired with metals including brass, copper, chrome, or gold. Alternatively, light and dark natural wood colours, as well as painted wood in bold yellows are equally appealing. Of course, you can include TV units too.

grey angled fitted wardrobe

Contrast. Compliment.

The grey fitted wardrobes can also be styled to use more than one shade of grey for a striking appearance. This could, for example, included contrasting one panel of dark grey with a lighter grey panel. Other options include incorporating one mirrored door.

The possibilities are virtually endless, allowing you to create a personalised bedroom that is truly tailored to reflect your tastes. The only downside is that you might struggle to leave the bedroom each morning.

light grey fitted wardrobes

To find out more about what grey fitted wardrobes can achieve for your home, download our free brochure...


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