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Fitted wardrobes are the perfect way to maximise your storage space and to organise your clothing and accessories - but with so many customisable internal options available, where do you start?

Here at Online Bedrooms, made-to-measure fitted wardrobes are one of our specialities and so we know a thing or two about how to plan the inside of your wardrobe to ensure that it provides you with all of the storage that you need now and in the years to come. Here’s what you need to do. 

Think about what you want to use your wardrobe for

Before you go any further and start building your dream fitted bedroom, it is crucial that you take a moment to consider what it is you want to use your wardrobe for, so that you can then choose the correct internal storage.

• Is your wardrobe going to replace other furniture in your bedroom? 

• Do you want to use your fitted wardrobe to house your shoes? 

• Do you have a lot of odds and ends that you want to tidy up and keep out of sight? 

• Will you be sharing your wardrobe with anyone else? 

• Do you want some items on display?

Every person’s fitted wardrobe will fulfil a slightly different purpose, so take a moment to think about what it is you would like your fitted wardrobe to do for you so that you can plan your internal storage accordingly. 

fitted wardrobe internal storage

Some of the storage options that you may want to consider

With the purpose of your fitted wardrobe sitting at the forefront of your mind, the next thing to do is to take a look at some of the storage options available to you and to decide which will help your wardrobe to fulfil its purpose.

Here are some of the wardrobe options that you may want to choose from.

  • Shelving

Shelves can be used for a number of items including handbags, shoes, folded clothing and boxes containing any odds or ends. Many of our internal storage options can be customised to include one, two, three or more, shelves depending on your needs. 

  • Drawers

Incorporating drawers into your fitted wardrobes is an excellent way to replace other bedroom furniture such as your chest of drawers which can help to open up your bedroom space. Drawers can be hidden internally or fitted externally for easier access. 

  • Hanging rails

When choosing the hanging rails for your wardrobes, the critical question will be whether to opt for single rails, double rails, or a combination of both. Single hanging rails work best for longer items such as dresses and trousers, whereas double rails provide optimum storage space for shirts, jackets and blouses. 

  • Shoe displays 

Shoes can be neatly hidden away in your drawers or can be made a focal point of your fitted wardrobe by sitting proudly on your shelving. 

  • Underwear drawers

Fitted underwear drawers are the perfect way to neatly store all of your intimates in a format that allows you easy access and enables you to see all of your pieces. 

  • Accessories

Storage for watches, sunglasses, handbags and belts can all be accommodated in your fitted wardrobe by utilising a combination of drawers and shelving. 

  • TV Space

Enjoy watching the latest hit show or a movie in bed? Or perhaps a bit of light entertainment on a lazy Sunday morning? Consider a fitted wardrobe with TV space, that can incorporate your TV nicely. 

Creating a fitted wardrobe that is right for you

Fitted wardrobes are never one-size-fits-all, which is why we offer a fully made-to-measure service on all of the furniture in our range.

Whatever length, height, or depth that you need to store your possessions, we can make it a reality.

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