Internal Options For Your Sliding Door Fitted Wardrobe

Trying to decide on your internal storage options for your new fitted wardrobes?

Where many companies offer flimsy and cheap-feeling internals, which are often just a hanging rail and a shelf attached to your wall, we do things differently.

With our sliding door wardrobes you get rigid, 18mm MFC cabinets with solid backs & sides. This means you get high quality furniture, protection from damp, cold walls for your clothes and a premium look for your wardrobe thanks to our gorgeous range of cabinet colours & styles.

Explore our range of cabinets below, all of which are available in custom sizes. So if you want a 900mm wide B with two 600mm wide E's on either side, that's no problem!

You can let your designer know which ones you want for your quote.

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Our internal options:



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