Open Fitted Wardrobe

Starting from £256.75
Customise your new wardrobe. Please select the next width size up from what you need. For example, for a 440mm wardrobe you’d select 450mm. We’ll confirm the exact measurements (including depth and height) after you complete your order.

This unit in the exact size you want it.

If you're looking for a bespoke item in a specific size, that's no problem. Simply work out how wide you want the unit to be (the sides are 18mm thick, so 36mm in total - please factor this in!) and then select the next size up from that. For example, if you need this to be 465mm wide, then select the 500mm width. Once your order is placed, our team will contact you to get the exact sizes of your space to ensure everything arrives as you'd like it to, for a perfect fit.

Looking for a quote for a full fitted wardrobe?

Simply give us all your measurements and internal options, plus colour & finish choices, and we'll give you a quote and a 3D visual design within a couple of days. Just use the relevant button below and you'll jump straight to the most suitable quote form. We'll get in touch within a couple of working days with your quote and 3D render.


What are you looking for?

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Standard Fitted Wardrobe



Fitted Wardrobe With Angled Sides



Fitted Wardrobe With An Angled Back



Open, Walk-In Wardrobe With No Doors



Fitted Wardrobe With Sliding Doors


Order Samples

You can order samples of any of the colours & finishes available in our range.


Delivery Of Your Furniture

All our furniture is made to order and delivered to your home, flat-packed with instructions for easy self-assembly.

This whole process normally takes just 2-3 weeks.

Please see our Delivery page for the latest delivery pricing and information.

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An open wardrobe unit, available from 300 - 600mm wide.
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