sleeping warm in bed

Image courtesy of Claudia Manas - Unsplash

It can be really hard to get to sleep over winter when the temperatures are really cold and we can’t seem to stay warm and cosy in bed.

It can often be tempting to turn on the central heating to warm up our bedrooms; but with energy bills expected to remain high, we’re advising people to avoid turning on their heating overnight.

Instead, we’ve offered our top tips on using other cost-friendly methods to stay cosy whilst sleeping. 

Using a heated blanket will warm up your bed and is very cheap to run, costing just three pence an hour for a 100W blanket. Putting a hot water bottle or heated blanket between your sheets will also preheat your bedding and keep pyjamas warm and cosy.

Because our feet become much colder more quickly compared to other parts of our body, wearing thick, fluffy socks can help keep your body warm. 

It’s also important to choose the right duvet tog during the winter - we recommend a 10.5 tog or above.

Layering up in bed rather than wearing one thick jumper will also insulate the body and trap all the warmth inside. The best type of clothing to wear is silk, cotton or wool rather than synthetic fabrics to stay cosy when tucked up in bed. 

Here’s how to stay warm in bed without turning the heating on:


1. Layers

Rather than wearing one layer of thick clothing to bed, having several items of thinner fabrics will trap the heat in between each layer and to keep the body warm overnight. 


2. Choose right materials 

Some of the best materials for keeping warm are silk, cotton and wool, rather than synthetic fabrics. Wear layers of lightweight pyjamas and jumpers to bed, with woollen blankets and cotton sheets. 


3. Warm milk drink

To keep warm before going to sleep, have a warm milky drink in the evening. The drink will warm the body from the inside, and milk contains tryptophan which helps the body prepare for sleeping. 


4. Hot water bottle

Rather than sleeping with the heating on, warm your bed before getting in with a hot water bottle. The heat will keep the blood flowing around the body and help you get a relaxing night sleep. 


5. Heated blanket

Heated electric blankets are cheap to run and are a really effective way at keeping yourself and your bed warm throughout the night. Many blankets allow you to set a timer to automatically turn off after a few hours. 


6. Fluffy socks 

Our feet can become much colder more quickly than other parts of the body due to less circulation. Thermal, knitted or fluffy socks are great for keeping the warmth in. 


7. Move your bed

If your bed is near a window, even if it is double glazed, the cold from the outside can seep through and affect your sleep. Consider moving your bed away from the window for a warmer night's sleep. 


8. Choose the right duvet

Make sure your duvet tog is suitable for the winter weather. A 10.5 tog duvet or above is recommended as the heavier filling will help keep the warmth in. 


9. Preheat your bedding and pyjamas

Place a hot water or heated blanket inside your bed whilst you have a shower and get ready for nighttime. This will warm up your bedding and pyjamas so you don’t get into a cold bed before sleeping.