Wardrobe Colour Choices

Fitted Wardrobe Colours

Find your perfect colour.

Explore some of our colour options with some stunning images of existing fitted wardrobes, ready to inspire you for your upcoming project to renovate your bedroom.

Natural Oak Fitted Wardrobes

Explore our stunning Nebraska Oak bedroom furniture. This beautifully grained, natural Nebraska Oak displays a rough and weathered decor image for a striking rustic appearance.

It's light and airy which makes it perfect for a wardrobe. The natural, subtle colour tones are suitable for any bedroom furniture.


Cashmere Fitted Wardrobes

With its rich, gray tones, our stunning Cashmere Grey pairs well with almost any bedroom style or layout and has been a popular choice for bedroom furniture, with a growing trend over the last few years. 

A timeless classic colour choice, Cashmere offers extra elegance, with a satiny smooth feel and matte appearance.


Grey Oak Fitted Wardrobes

Deep, rich and beautiful, our Grey Nebraska Oak is a stunning décor for your fitted bedroom furniture. This beautifully grained, Nebraska Oak displays a rough and weathered decor image for a striking rustic appearance.

The graining and colour feels premium, which makes it perfect for our stunning fitted wardrobes. The muted, subtle colour tones are suitable for any bedroom furniture.


White Fitted Wardrobes

Simple but classy: white is a go-to colour for many.

Choose between our smooth matt or shiny gloss finish for your white wardrobes and other bedroom furniture - it goes with almost anything and suits any kind of handle. The beautifully smooth, bright colour makes your bedroom feel bright, airy and spacious.

The matt lends itself to a very upmarket and contemporary feel, whereas the gloss has a reflective, shiny quality that works nicely with silver handles in a bright and airy bedroom. 


Grey Fitted Wardrobes

Two beautiful shades: Light Grey and Dust Grey.

For those looking for something brighter and more airy, the Light Grey works beautifully when paired with silver or even gold handles and helps the room feel larger than it is whilst keeping a contemporary feel.

The Dust Grey is a deeper, darker tone which is modern and contemporary and pairs perfectly with darker handles. Both are available in either smooth matte or high gloss finish.


Blue Fitted Wardrobes

We offer two hues of blue; Indigo Blue and Denim Blue.

Indigo Blue provides an elegant contrast to white or light grey walls and floors, and is often used in bedroom furniture. It's a deep, rich blue that looks extremely contemporary, particularly when paired with gold or silver handles.

Denim Blue is more of a grey-blue colour. This muted colour character makes it popular in furniture design for creating accents with modern woodgrain with grey content. These colours are often found in combination with white and light woodgrains in Scandinavian design. 



built in britain

All of our supply only bedroom furniture and other DIY furniture items are proudly built in Britain, at our state of the art factory on the edge of Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire.

They're delivered to your front door, ready for you to assemble yourself.

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