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Looking for an alternative to Hammonds Fitted Bedrooms?

One of the biggest names in the fitted wardrobe industry, Hammonds is a company who's quotes we come up against all the time. Often, customers who have had a Hammonds quote then start searching online for Hammonds alternatives because they want to compare to see if they can save money.

Because we see so many Hammonds quotes, we’re able to record data to see how we compare in terms of price on a near like-for-like basis. We found that, when provided with a Hammonds design & quote and comparing like-for-like, our quote was lower every single time.

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If you’re looking for an alternative to Hammonds Fitted Bedrooms, we’re potentially the ideal fit for you!

Minimum order value

As of December 2022, Hammonds have a minimum order value of £1500. For their Buy Now Pay Later finance offer there is a minimum £1100 order value.

At Online Bedrooms, we have no minimum order value at all, regardless of whether we're running a promotion or not, with the exception of our 0% APR finance which has a minimum order value of £1200.


Internal Options

Hammonds offer three different internal options for you to choose from.

You can opt for their premium storage which is full cabinetry on all five sides. However, you do not get a choice of internal cabinetry colour and finish. A Hammonds full-cabinet wardrobe only comes with Novanta oak as an interior décor.

At Online Bedrooms, we offer full cabinetry as standard across our range, with a choice of 10+ colour and décor options for more personalisation.

Hammonds also offer a front frame system for more internal storage space but visible walls. Online Bedrooms also offers an Essentials front frame system for those who are more budget conscious. Our Essentials wardrobes are still made to measure and come in a range of colours and door styles but they're on average around 30% cheaper than our full cabinet wardrobes.

See our full cabinet v front frame page to learn more about the benefits and differences of each.


Product quality & materials

According to their website, Hammonds furniture is made from either MDF or MFC depending on the part of the furniture in question.

All Online Bedrooms cabinetry is made from MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard) which is a melamine resin impregnated paper bonded both sides on to a chipboard core.

The chipboard core is made from smaller particles and is denser at the top and bottom to provide impact resistance while the larger particles are in the centre of the board to provide a coarse grain for fixing. It also has a grain-like orientation which gives the product lateral strength.

Our MFC is FSC certified, coming from wood that's from a sustainable and regulated British forest. MFC is generally more environmentally friendly than MDF has it has a significantly lower carbon count. It's also tested to EN14323 standards for resistance to scratching, staining, cracking and EN323 for density and impact resistance.

It's worth checking with any fitted wardrobe company to see if they use MDF in their cabinetry construction. MDF contains formaldehyde and can release dangerous particles that can cause health and respiratory issues. This is particularly concerning if the company if sawing the MDF in your bedroom, particularly without adequate ventilation.

Hammonds and Online Bedrooms both offer soft-close doors and drawers as standard across our ranges, on both internal and external drawers.

At Online Bedrooms we also offer 155° wide-angle hinges on our doors, with 4 hinges for extra strength and support. With both companies, the drawers are four-sided with an additional panel on the front for a better look and more strength.



Our average lead time is 3-4 weeks from order being confirmed (ie, payment received) to delivery. As soon as the wardrobes arrive, you can start to assemble them yourself or hire a third party fitter if you’re not DIY confident.

Hammonds do not quote or promise lead times on their website, so it's not possible to understand exactly how long their average time is from order to delivery. However, if you were to search through some of their Trustpilot reviews for people mentioning delivery times, there are some interesting results.



Hammonds offer their customers a 10 year guarantee on their furniture. In addition, Hammonds offer an aftercare service (correct as of 25/11/22). This aftercare service will allow a Hammonds fitter to visit your home and adjust doors and drawers, replace caulking and repair damage, at a cost of £230 per room plus an additional charge for replacement parts in the event of damage repair.

By comparison, at Online Bedrooms we offer a 15 year guarantee on your cabinetry because we’re so confident in the quality of our furniture, with up to 15 years on doors depending on door style.


Designs & Quotes

Hammonds offer a free home design, where one of their self-employed Design Consultants will visit your home, measure your space and create a design and quote for you. After this, you'll receive follow-up communications.

For customers who prefer a hassle-free design & quote process, we are totally remove. At Online Bedrooms, you measure yourself and get a free quote and design in a couple of working days, including a video meeting to make tweaks if you'd like.

Because nobody is coming to your home to quote, measure and survey, we don't need to factor those overheads into our prices so you save more money. In addition, there are no pushy salespeople trying to entice you to buy whilst they're stood in your home. We're not claiming that Hammonds sales team do this, we're merely stating a fact.

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