how to build fitted wardrobe on a budget

How To Build A Fitted Wardrobe On A Budget

We've made it super easy to make a built-in wardrobe

Many people around the UK look to add built-in wardrobes to their home every year. But if you're thinking about how much fitted wardrobes cost or if you've been wondering how to build a fitted wardrobe on a budget (and since you're on this page, you probably have) then wonder no more. Perfect for any DIYer, as long as you're comfortable with some basic hardware then let us do the hard work in cutting, edging and building your wardrobe at our Nottinghamshire factory. We will then ship it to your home, flat-packed ready for easy self-assembly, anywhere in the UK mainland.

To build your own fitted wardrobes, you'll need:

Tape measure
Jigsaw / circular saw
Decorators caulk
Tea / Coffee

To give you a quote for a beautiful, made to measure fitted wardrobe we need some key information. This will allow us to provide you with an accurate quote, plus your visual renderings of what the new furniture will look like, quickly.

You can create your bespoke, made to measure fitted wardrobe on a budget in five simple steps:

Let's get started!


measuring wardrobe

STEP 1: Measuring Your Space

OK, so it might seem obvious that we need to know how big the wardrobe is going to be, but we also need to know the size of the space around it. Measuring the space accurately is really important... particularly the ceiling height - because houses aren't always even and straight! It's super simple, though.

You need to measure the height of the room in three different spots - the left side, the centre and the right side. You then give us the lowest measurement. This is because, even in modern homes, ceilings are often not perfectly level and even, and a few mm difference could mean your wardrobe doesn't fit.

To see how to measure for your wardrobe, click the button below to view our Measuring Guide - you can watch a video or download a PDF, your choice.

wardrobe measuring guide

Measuring for an angled wardrobe? Perhaps for a loft conversion or an eave. No problem, that's in the guide too! 



internal wardrobe options

STEP 2: Choose Your Internal Storage

You need to consider exactly what you want to put into your wardrobes. Are you looking to hang clothes, store shoes & bags, etc? If you're hanging clothes... what are you hanging? Dresses will require more 'drop' space, naturally.

wardrobe with doors open

To make things super simple for you, we currently offer 11 different 'modules' for the interior of your wardrobe - each if which can be in any width you'd like. You can combine as many of these as you need to create your ideal space, but our designers can also offer some free helpful advice to maximise your space for what you're looking to store inside.

internal options button



colour samples

STEP 3: Choose Your Colour

Now it's time to think about what colour you'd like your wardrobes to be. Unlike many other manufacturers, we offer a full wardrobe colour... so if you choose Nebraska Oak, your internals are Oak too, not matt white. We offer a range of colour choices, many of which are available in both gloss and matt finishes so you can really get the perfect style for your bedroom. Note that if you choose gloss, only the doors will be gloss, not the full wardrobe.

Oh, we offer samples, too! The first three are completely free... just add them to your basket and when you check out, the discount will be applied!

sample order button




STEP 4: Choose Your Handles

If you're having a wardrobe with doors, we'll need to know what handles you'd prefer. We currently have a range of 10 beautiful handles in a variety of colours. The doors and drawers (if external) will come with the holes pre-drilled, ready for quick attachment of the handles. 

Browse our range of handles by clicking the button below...

handles button

Want to use your own handles?
That's OK - just let us know and we'll not drill the holes you can add your own handles later!



grey oak fitted wardrobe grey fitted wardrobe


STEP 5: Build Your Wardrobes

Once we've created your wardrobes at our factory, we'll flat pack everything and send it to your home. This takes just 3 weeks, usually. You'll then assemble everything, following our simple instructions and using minimal tools.


All you will need is a screwdriver, a drill and possibly a circular saw for the plinths and side scribe panels. This will help to ensure a perfect fit. If you'll struggle with this, you might want to look at hiring a tradesperson for the day... our wardrobes generally take 2-4 hours to build depending on size, so this is a £200 job normally for a tradesperson.

The end result? You've saved thousands of pounds compared to our 'full service' rivals. Plus, you've got a high quality fitted wardrobe with an industry-leading 15 year guarantee.


What else do you get?

All of the below come as standard with our wardrobes.
(Other companies charge upgrade fees for much of it.)

our wardrobe offer



Now we've done all of this, it's time to get you your quote! 

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