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Fitted Wardrobes With TV Space

Made to measure fitted wardrobes with TV area

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Lots of customers that are looking to order fitted bedroom furniture from us ask about wardrobes with TV space.

More than half of all adults in the UK watch TV in the bedroom, so incorporating the TV into your new fitted wardrobes makes sense, particularly if space is at a premium and you don't want to wall mount the television or sacrifice storage of clothing, shoes and other items.

We supply made to measure built in wardrobes that will allow you to display your TV neatly. Because you measure and assemble yourself, you save a fortune compared to some of the high street brands.

Our high quality furniture is made to measure to suit your space perfectly and comes in a range of different colours, door styles, internal options and finishes so you can find the perfect furniture to suit your room.


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Getting your fitted wardrobe with TV space...

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So, how does it work?

Using our handy Measuring Guide, you measure up your room and then fill in your details online... choosing colour, internal options and much more. One of our friendly designers will give you a call to discuss your wardrobe, then send across a quote and a visual design so you've got an idea of how it will look.

Once you go ahead with the order we'll build it then deliver to your home, flat-packed. You then assemble your wardrobes yourself... or hire a local tradesperson to assemble for you.

For the TV area, you can have a solid cabinet (with a back that will need a cable hole drilling) or combine a chest of drawers with overhead cabinets... it's your choice!



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