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Delivery Of Your Furniture

All furniture purchased from Online Bedrooms is made to order.

When you complete your order and payment is made, we'll provide an estimated delivery window, and we'll then start the process of building your built in wardrobes or other fitted bedroom furniture. To keep the delivery costs low (or sometimes free!) for our customers, we will usually deliver orders in pairs on the same vehicle. This may mean that you're not able to choose a specific delivery date.

Once the furniture has been cut and made, we'll contact you to confirm a delivery day and time window. We'll then deliver it to your home, flat-packed and ready for easy self-installation. This whole process normally takes around 3-4 weeks, although lead times can sometimes increase during busy periods. For clarity, please enquire before completing payment.

Although delays are extremely rare, we recommend you don't book an exact date for a third party fitter until you have taken delivery of your furniture as we can't be held responsible for any costs that you may incur due to rebooking.

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Where we deliver

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We deliver nationwide to any address in England, Scotland & Wales. Please note that we only deliver to the mainland - so if you live there we can deliver our wardrobes to you.

Customers based in the Hebrides, Shetland Islands, Orkney Islands, Isles of Scilly, Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man and other offshore islands can still be serviced.

Your order will be delivered to a mainland shipping company of your choice for onward freight. Learn more about this.

Due to the weight and size of a fitted bedroom delivery, your order may be delivered on a dedicated delivery van. Deliveries to addresses in Scotland and postcodes beginning PL, TR & TQ will include a £199 delivery fee due to the round trip distance from our Nottinghamshire factory to those areas.




order process

1. Order confirmation

You'll receive an email confirming your order with all details attached. Make sure to read through the quotation, double checking the measurements and details.

2. Payment

You'll receive an email with a link to download the invoice and pay online via credit or debit card. Once payment is made, the order is secured and we'll order the necessary materials to build your furniture.

3. Estimated delivery window

You'll recieve an email from our friendly delivery team with an estimated delivery window. This is the opportunity to let us know if you need the furniture on a specific day, or if you can't take delivery on a specific day, etc.

4. Order is processed

One of our Order Processors will look through the finer details of the order making sure that everything looks correct. If they have any queries, they'll speak to the designer or yourself to clarify.

5. Order sent to factory

The order will be sent down to the factory who'll load up the jobs onto the various machines... we have state of the art routers, edge banders and much more for precision work.

6. Delivery date confirmed

Your final delivery date and a time window will be confirmed by the delivery team via email, usually at least 1 week before the date.

7. Delivery time confirmed

1-2 working days before the delivery date, we'll re-confirm the delivery window with you.

8. Furniture is delivered

Your furniture is delivered, with a phone call from the driver when they're roughly 30 minutes from your home. Make sure you're ready with at least one able-bodied person to help unload.

Check your delivery on arrival. If any packaging is damaged, take photographs and send it to the delivery team via email.

9. Build your furniture

You unpack everything and build your furniture, or get your fitter to build it for you.





delivery and install

How will my order be delivered?

  • In order to keep delivery costs low, our delivery service will be either on a pallet or via a single-crewed van delivery.
  • At least one able-bodied person should be there to take delivery and will be required to assist the driver in unloading the vehicle and carrying the furniture into your home to a ground-floor room, access permitting. Please bear in mind that many of the boxes can be heavy. Unfortunately our third-party delivery company cannot carry boxes up stairs or beyond a ground-floor room so please make provisions if needed (for example: a flat, maisonette or coachhouse).
  • Upon taking delivery of the order you are responsible for inspecting and reporting to us any damage to the products or missing items. We appreciate that some customers are taking delivery weeks before they plan to assemble, however we require you to check each item thoroughly within 5 working days of taking delivery.
  • If there is damaging to packaging, please photograph it prior to opening and inspecting the goods. Report any damage by emailing us immediately or calling us on 0115 718 0322
online bedrooms delivery van
  • In the highly unlikely event that, due to operational reasons, stock shortage or third party supplier failures, we aren't able to deliver your entire order together, we will deliver the order in installments to allow you to commence the assembly and avoid undue delay. We will then endeavour to complete the order as soon as possible and will not charge you any additional delivery fees for this. 
  • There will be some packaging that you will need to dispose of once your delivery has been made and your furniture unpacked. This may include cardboard and pallets.
  • Payment for your order is considered acceptance of the above delivery notice and our Terms & Conditions of sale.





What will I need to build my furniture?

  • Your furniture will arrive with assembly instructions, although please note these aren't necessarily cabinet-specific due to the bespoke nature of our products. For the build of the cabinets themselves, you'll only need a screwdriver. We recommend two people as some items are large and heavy. We'll supply oversized side scribe panels and top and bottom plinths for you to trim to the correct size to suit your room. You may need to use a jig saw or circular saw to cut side scribes and plinths to ensure a perfect fit, as many homes don't have perfectly straight and even walls. You can then caulk these to the wall for a beautiful finish.
  • If your wardrobe has an open end, we'll supply an end panel to be attached to the side of the end cabinet. You may need to cut this to size and caulk to your wall for a perfect fit.



Can you deliver outside the mainland UK?

  • At the moment we only offer delivery to the United Kingdom mainland, covering all mainland locations.
  • Customers based in the Hebrides, Shetland Islands, Orkney Islands, Isles of Scilly, Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man and other offshore islands can still be serviced, with delivery to anywhere on the UK mainland to a freight forwarder of your choice. Your shipping company is responsible for checking the condition of the goods when they take delivery of them, and reporting any damage (with photographic evidence) immediately. Any damage upon arrival that wasn't reported will not be eligible for replacement, compensation or reimbursement.



I am decorating the room first, can I order my furniture now and specify when I want my order to be delivered?

  • Yes – when you place your order and make payment, a member of our team will be in touch within 1 working day to discuss everything. If you aren't ready for your furniture, we'll delay starting the manufacturing until closer to the time.
  • We do not build furniture and store it until you're ready, it will be built in time for order. Once you make payment, we'll make provisions for your order (including sourcing materials) and therefore you will not be able to cancel your order or request a refund.
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