How Our Furniture Is Made

How Our Furniture Is Made

Why we're unique

Thousands of customers choose Online Bedrooms for their bespoke fitted wardrobes every single year, thanks to our unique and patented joint & assembly system, our environmentally friendly credentials and our incredible customer service. Oh, plus we have the best lead times and the best warranty in the industry.

Lots of customers wonder how much fitted wardrobes cost and what they're getting for their money. Our state of the art factory in Nottinghamshire is where your fitted bedroom furniture will be built. All of our fitted wardrobes and supplementary furniture is entirely made to measure, with bespoke sizing for all cabinets and all customers.

We can precision build all our cabinetry down to the millimetre using state of the art equipment and modern production techniques, combined with our patented assembly system which allows for you to build the furniture stood upright and guarantees strength and stability.

Simply the best.


dark blue fitted wardrobe


We believe in offering a high quality product for our customers as standard, unlike many manufacturers and fitted wardrobe retailers who only or initially offer a cheap front-frame option, where your internal options are just ‘off the shelf’ items that are attached to your room’s walls.

We only offer our customers full, beautiful cabinetry throughout… that means solid backs, sides, tops and bases, locked together using our patented assembly system. No cold, damp walls causing damp and mould in your wardrobe. Better insulation for your home.

Fitted bedroom furniture that looks and feels like it should've cost a lot more.


Quality, as standard.




Our cabinets are made from high density particle board, coated with a decorative melamine resin, giving a total thickness of 18mm.

They are highly scratch resistant (in accordance with EN14322) and are easy to clean.

They’re also colourfast and lightfast, meaning that regular exposure to sunlight won’t cause the colour to fade over time.

All cabinets have a smooth touch matt surface and matching ABS edging on all facing sides for a beautiful finish.


Environmentally friendly.




Protecting our environment and being a sustainable business is important to us, which is why our cabinetry is environmentally friendly – it is in fact 100% recyclable and is entirely carbon negative. 85% of the cabinet material comes from renewable resources.

We use MFC (Melamine-Faced Chipboard) for the production of our fitted bedroom furniture. This has a CO2/m2 of -13.3kg. This is because more CO2 is absorbed into the wood during its growth than is emitted during both the production and transport stages. We also burn offcuts and scrap materials to heat the factory, reducing our reliance on gas.





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