green fitted wardrobe

Green Fitted Wardrobes

Add a burst of colour

For a truly stunning finish to your new fitted bedroom furniture, consider our luscious Forest Green. If you're wanting to create a real luxury bedroom vibe, then this deep, rich colour adds a tropical feel to your space and is a wonderfully vibrant colour for any fitted wardrobe.

Ideal for creating your dream bedroom oasis, green is a colour that promotes restfulness making it ideal for a fitted wardrobe.

From a colour psychology perspective, having lots of green in your bedroom has a calming effect, relieves stress and is even said to improve fertility (we've not tested that part!)

We offer two shades of green with our furniture; Forest Green and Sage Green. Available on our 2-Panel and 4-Panel Shaker doors, plus our modern handleless doors too, Forest Green works across both traditional and contemporary ranges.

It's a soft-touch smooth matt finish that doesn't mark easily and has a gorgeous matt sheen that feels effortlessly premium. Sage Green is more of a pastel colour.

green wardrobe sample

sage green


Design Tips For Green Fitted Wardrobes

For a beautiful natural look, we recommend combining your green wardrobe doors with our Natural Nebraska Oak cabinetry - invoking a real sense of nature and rawness combining a wood finish with deep green. Alternatively for something deeper, try the Grey Nebraska Oak cabinets.

Either way, combining green with a wood décor for the cabinets creates a beautiful fitted wardrobe which is warm, inviting and really adds a gorgeous burst of luxury colour to your bedroom.

All in all, we think that green fitted wardrobes add a truly luxurious feel to any home.

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sage green modern fitted wardrobe

sage green fitted wardrobe

sage green fitted wardrobe

green fitted wardrobe

green fitted wardrobe


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