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Our fitted wardrobes with mirrors are perfect for those who want a beautiful, bespoke fitted bedroom but want to keep the space feeling open, light and airy. Mirrored door wardrobes allow you to get ready in style.

We offer bespoke, made to measure 18mm MFC cabinetry with all our fitted wardrobes.

Available as either regular built-in wardrobes with hinged doors or sliding door wardrobes with mirrored doors, you can be guaranteed a high quality piece of fitted bedroom furniture.

fitted wardrobe with mirrors

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These versatile fitted wardrobes bring a sense of openness and light to any room, be it a spacious master bedroom or a cosy guest room. Our skilled designers are readily available to assist you in finding the ideal solution that complements both your space and style.

We design and create your bespoke wardrobes, then deliver nationwide in around 4 weeks (on average) for you to assemble yourself... or hire a local fitter. You'll save a fortune over the big companies. In fact, our average customer spends around £2600 on their fitted wardrobes with mirror doors.



Fitted wardrobes with mirrors come in two distinct styles:

There are two different key door styles to consider when choosing your mirrored wardrobes: hinged doors or sliding doors. Both sliding and hinged fitted wardrobes can be equipped with mirrors, offering you flexibility in choosing a style that aligns with your preferences.

However, it's important to consider the layout of your space – if it can accommodate outward-opening doors, or if the space-efficient design of sliding doors would be a more practical choice.

fitted wardrobe with mirrors and hinged doors


Hinged Fitted Wardrobes

Incorporating mirrored doors into your hinged fitted wardrobes can significantly enhance your design, adding more light to your bedroom space. Choose from options with multiple panels or opt for full mirrored doors to suit your style.


fitted wardrobe with mirror sliding doors


Sliding Door Fitted Wardrobes

Mirror sliding wardrobes come with a variety of panel layouts and finishes, offering extensive customisation options. This flexibility allows you to tailor a design that perfectly aligns with your space and style preferences.




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Your fitted wardrobes can be had with a selection of modern & traditional doors to suit your style. Your cabinetry and doors are available in a range of beautiful colours & finishes... and you can mix & match!

Each of your internal option modules will be made to measure to suit your space and exact requirements for a totally bespoke solution.

Here's how it works...

• You measure your space (using our Guide)
• Choose your doors, colours & internal options
• Fill out a bespoke quote form
• A friendly designer will create a quote
• Design is tweaked by email, call or Zoom
• You confirm and pay
• We build & deliver in 4 weeks*

*on average in 2023. Lead time may increase during summer & Christmas periods.

fitted wardrobe with mirrors
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To help our customers, you can order your furniture now with as little as a 10% deposit, with the balance not due for 9 months. If you're not ready to pay in full, you can spread the cost over 48 months.


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Why choose a fitted wardrobe with mirror doors?

Mirrored fitted wardrobes do more than just complement your bedroom's style; they create an illusion of spaciousness. Especially beneficial for smaller bedrooms that may feel confined, our intelligently designed fitted mirrored wardrobes can remarkably enhance the perception of space.

Additionally, these wardrobes are excellent at brightening your room by reflecting natural sunlight throughout. If you have a darker bedroom and want to bask it in natural light, mirrored fitted wardrobes offer an ideal solution.

Our team of design experts is committed to helping you discover the perfect wardrobe solution for your bedroom. With a huge range of options at Online Bedrooms, our designers will leave you feeling both inspired and satisfied, enjoying both the enhanced look and functionality of your space.

Opting for a mirrored fitted wardrobe means embracing a design that's as versatile as it is functional. Beyond their primary role of neatly storing clothes, shoes, and accessories, these wardrobes offer a multitude of additional advantages for your bedroom. A popular choice for their ability to enliven a room, mirrored built-in wardrobes capture and reflect natural light, lending an illusion of a more expansive space. They also serve as a practical dressing area, providing a full-length view for outfit checks. Consult with one of our expert, friendly bedroom designers to discover the transformative impact mirrored fitted wardrobes could have on your bedroom.


What are the benefits of a fitted wardrobe with mirrors?

Streamline your morning routine.

Opting for a mirrored wardrobe is often about making your morning preparations more efficient. This is, indeed, one of their key selling points. It's common practice to have a final mirror check before stepping out, and having a mirror conveniently on your wardrobe door reduces the likelihood of any fashion mishaps!

Small room? This will save space!

Struggling with limited space for a freestanding mirror or wall constraints? A mirrored wardrobe is an ideal solution. With mirrors integrated into the doors, they don't consume additional space, allowing more room for other storage or decorative elements. This feature is particularly beneficial for getting a comprehensive view of your attire.

Creating an Illusion of Space

Mirrored fitted wardrobes are a clever trick for making dressing areas and small bedrooms appear more expansive. By reflecting the entire room, they create an illusion of depth, effectively doubling the perceived space.

An Elegant Look

Quite simply, mirrored fitted wardrobes exude elegance. They add a touch of glamour, sophistication, and polished charm, combining practicality with stylish allure. For those seeking to infuse a subtle sheen into their space, a fitted mirror wardrobe is an impeccable choice.


Which mirrored fitted wardrobe door style is best for me?

Given the vast array of options available to you when choosing fitted wardrobes with mirrors, it's wise to take a moment to explore the various designs to find what best suits your home and personal style. Here are some essential aspects to think about whilst you plan:

Single Panel Mirrored Doors

If you're considering using the mirror as part of your daily dressing routine, a single panel or slab-fronted mirror door might be particularly appealing. This design offers a continuous, full-length view, allowing you to scrutinise your entire outfit from head to toe, ensuring every detail is just right. When working with your friendly bedroom designer to create your dream fitted wardrobe, you have complete autonomy in deciding the number of doors with a mirror finish.

The final look is entirely in your hands, whether you desire all doors mirrored for maximal reflection or prefer just one for added convenience. This allows you to customise it precisely to your liking.

Multi-Panel Mirrored Doors

This style might be more appealing from a design perspective. The multiple panels can introduce a sense of pattern, adding a more significant visual element to your space. These wardrobes also offer more versatility in mirror placement. You can choose from our exquisite Shaker doors, available in 2-Panel or 4-Panel mirrored options.

Additionally, if you're inclined towards a sliding wardrobe, you have the opportunity to design an eye-catching 3-panel configuration, where only the central section features a mirror, and the top and bottom panels are in your chosen colour. This can create a striking and unique aesthetic.

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