As people look to make the most of the space in their homes, a rising trend over the last few years is to convert a loft into a bedroom. Whether it's for a growing family or because you want to enhance the value of your home, converting your loft into a bedroom is a great idea.

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Benefits of a loft conversion

It makes sense… lofts are often large spaces, many people don’t use them for storage all that much (particularly if they have a garage) and it seems like a waste of space just using it for the Christmas decorations and holiday suitcases! But are fitted wardrobes worth it and is it worth it to convert a loft into a bedroom? According to this article in The Guardian, adding a loft conversion could increase your property's value by around 22% and we also found that fitted wardrobes can improve your house value too.

Whether it's for a growing family or just because you want to better use the space in your home, if you’re turning a loft into a bedroom, you need to think about storage. This is where fitted wardrobes in loft conversions start to make sense. Because of the nature of a loft, the ceiling is likely to be sloping into the eaves, which means tricky angles for fitting furniture into and making the most of.

Having a built in wardrobe that’s made to measure for your space ensures that you make the most of every millimetre, guaranteeing maximum storage potential but also a beautiful, contemporary look that does the space justice.

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loft conversion storage eaves

So, there’s two different types of loft conversion wardrobe that you’ll need to consider, whether to go for a sloping back wardrobe, or one with angled sides. This depends on the orientation of your room, where you want the bed to be and, of course, where you want the storage to be to make the most of the space.

Fitted Wardrobes With Sloping Backs

This is the perfect option for those who want a clean, neat front to their wardrobes, with everything in line and the same height. You end up with nice looking wardrobes that have sloping backs, but you don’t compromise too much on space.

sloping back fitted wardrobe

They’re particularly handy if your vertical space is at a premium; you can make the most of the space with shelving and even hanging rails. They might be lower than normal, so generally you’re unlikely to have a double hanging rail system, but single hanging rails, shelving and drawers are all fitted wardrobe internal options you can choose from to make the most of the area.

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  fitted wardrobe in a loft conversion

Fitted Wardrobes With Angled Sides

The more popular choice, particularly if you’ve got a wider space or you’re simply looking for taller fitted wardrobes for your loft conversion. Here you can benefit from full-height wardrobes for much of the storage space, meaning a better chance of double hanging rails and higher shelving.

loft conversion fitted wardrobe with angled sides

The doors are cut at an angle and look very stylish, making the most of the space that’s available. As you get closer to the short end of the room, customers can opt for either shelving or drawers, still hidden behind doors if they want to. We often get customer looking for alcove wardrobes or to go around chimney breasts - there's different shapes and spaces for every home! Many customers also prefer put a chest of drawers or even a dressing table into the eaves so that the space isn’t wasted.

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loft conversion eaves storage

Making The Most Of Your Eaves

We often find that customers are wanting to make the most of their eaves, where they’ve got a space that they don’t want to waste but is clearly too small for wardrobes. We generally recommend opting for chests of drawers, shelving or cabinets here. They can still be made to measure, they’ll sit flush with your walls and will of course match your fitted wardrobes too.

fitted wardrobe with sloping back

Other Things To Consider

Of course you have to consider how much fitted wardrobes cost, but besides just the fitted wardrobes for your loft conversion, there’s lots of other things to consider too when planning the build. Power, ventilation, natural light from windows or skylights, plus ensuring that the loft can take the weight of a bedroom.

Thankfully, you don’t actually need to make many alterations to the structure of your property in order to install a skylight window, which makes this part of the process quite easy. The popular alternative to a skylight is to fit dormer windows. Because these are structures within themselves, they’re easier to fit as they’ve got walls and a roof in addition to the glass window.

Many people opt to have an en suite bathroom added to their loft conversion too. We’ve seen a couple of fantastic wardrobes put either side of a central door into an en suite bathroom, they look amazing and we particularly enjoy the symmetry of it.

fitted wardrobe in a loft bedroom

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Review by M Fox

posted on 26 Feb, 2021
We absolutely love our fitted wardrobes! We converted our loft into a bedroom for our teenage daughter and her many, MANY clothes... having something made to measure just made sense for us to make the most of the limited space we had in the eaves

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