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Fitted wardrobes will typically cost between £2000 and £4000.

That's if they're good quality, made to measure wardrobes. Additional costs may incur if you were to pay for a local fitter, or wanted extra features like wired lighting or other items.


A fitted wardrobe is the ideal way to add some fantastic storage to your bedroom, whilst maximizing every millimetre of the space available.

By upgrading your space from tired freestanding furniture into some beautiful built-in wardrobes, you can really transform a room whilst having a bespoke storage solution that suits your exact requirements.

How much do fitted wardrobes cost in 2024 exactly?

how much do fitted wardrobes cost


What are the main benefits?

Make the most of the space. A fitted wardrobe helps you to maximise your space in your room, by utilising every millimetre for storage space.

Customised storage. Every household is different and has different needs, particularly when it comes to bedroom storage. A custom wardrobe allows you to have something unique that suits you.

Getting it just right. If your bedroom has alcoves, or sloping ceilings or eaves (if it’s a loft conversion bedroom) then you’re unlikely to find any “off the shelf” furniture that will fit perfectly, meaning some bespoke fitted bedroom furniture is just what you need.

Increase your property value. Some choose fitted wardrobes that they're going to live with for years. However, if you’re not going to stay in the house forever, a fitted wardrobe can actually increase the value of your home, so there’s extra reasons to invest in something bespoke.

Match your décor. A nice bespoke wardrobe can be in a range of colours to suit the theme and décor of your room, so it looks like it was always there and was always part of the property... that's why they're often referred to as 'built in' wardrobes!


fitted wardrobe

How much do fitted wardrobes cost?

OK, let’s get on with it. How much are fitted wardrobes? A good fitted wardrobe will cost between £530 to £770 per linear metre*, depending on your internal options. That’s based on full, 5-sided cabinetry that’s 18mm MFC not some of the cheaper front-frame wardrobes where you can see your walls inside the wardrobe, and with modern, smooth doors.

If you want panelled, traditional doors (known as Shaker doors) then there will be an increase in price. Similarly, if you wanted an open wardrobe (for example, a walk-in wardrobe) then the price would go down!


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Price Examples

We've put together a handy pricing table to give you an idea of approximate costs of a built in wardrobe with doors. This includes the cost of side filler panels to scribe your wardrobes to the wall for that built in look.

how much are fitted wardrobes

On average, our full cabinet fitted wardrobes cost around £2400 - that's our rough average order value which gives you an idea of where your starting point is. That's based on an average customer with a wardrobe of around 3-4 metres.

Of course, additional costs arise from angles, sloping backs and other slightly more unusual styles. The cost of fitted wardrobes can of course change quite a lot depending on various factors, such as size, internal options, door style and more.

How much does it cost to have fitted wardrobes installed?

If you're choosing supply-only wardrobes that are made to measure for your space but delivered to you without installation, you might want to pay a local fitter or joiner to install them for you if you don't feel confident with DIY.

So whilst our DIY fitted wardrobes are easy to assemble, if you want to get fitted wardrobes installed it should cost around £250-400 for a day's work depending on the area you live in. It's worth making sure to get multiple quotes and ask for photos of the fitter's previous work.

So are fitted wardrobes expensive?

Here’s the thing: yes they can be… if you don’t shop around! We’ll come back to that later. If you’re not careful, you can spend a lot of money on your wardrobes for something that’s not necessarily as good quality as the price might suggest! We're biased of course, but we definitely think fitted wardrobes are worth it.

There’s a couple of things that will affect the cost of fitted wardrobes, regardless of who you buy from: size and internal options. Naturally, the longer your run of wardrobes, the higher the price will be. Some internal options will be cheaper than others… the most expensive items will be drawers, pull-down rails or specialist items like trouser racks.

The quality of the wardrobes will naturally play a part too. Budget wardrobes made from cheaper materials will often reduce the cost but you'll likely be wanting to replace it in just a few years, rather than having something that stands the test of time.

If you're wondering how to build fitted wardrobes on a budget then don't worry, we've got you covered. And if you're still wondering why fitted wardrobes are so expensive then read on:

how much are fitted wardrobes

What are your options?


Option 1: The big boys

COST: £££££

If you’re starting your search for some nice fitted wardrobes, you’ll probably come across a couple of the big household names in this marketplace. We can’t name them… but you know who we mean!

These companies will send a salesperson to your home to measure up. They’ll then give you an extremely high quote, before throwing endless discounts at you, usually dropping the price by almost half by quoting some “offer of the month” – which we all know is a load of nonsense.

If you don’t buy on the day (and they’ll try their hardest to make you!) then they’ll bombard you with emails and phone calls and text messages until you give them your hard-earned cash or tell them to go away.

If you DO go ahead with them, you’ll wait several weeks (often around 2-3 months according to recent customer reviews on Trustpilot... make sure you go on there and filter by their 1 star reviews and read about people's experiences!) and then a third party fitter will turn up and build your wardrobes on site, often making lots of mess.

Once they’re gone, you’ve got your lovely new wardrobes, but you’ve paid a lot for them.



Option 2: A local carpenter

COST: £££

If you want minimum effort and maximum reward, you can choose a local wardrobe company or even a local joiner or carpenter.

The downsides will be... a good tradesperson can have a big order book, so you could be waiting a while. You'll also have to live with your home being used as a workshop whilst wood is sawn and cut. Finally, there will likely be no guarantee or peace of mind if things go wrong in the future.



Option 3: DIY


If you've got some experience of building flat-pack furniture, then the perfect solution awaits. You can get your fitted wardrobes completely made to measure to suit the dimensions of your room, but then delivered to your home flat-packed, ready for you to assemble yourself or hire a local tradesperson to fit it for you.

At Online Bedrooms, we deliver our fitted wardrobes to customers in around 4 weeks (which is industry leading) and offer a 15 year guarantee (that's industry leading, too!). Plus, you get fantastic quality furniture and brilliant service to boot.

All you have to do is measure your space, fill out one of our quote forms and then a designer will be in touch to put together a design and quote for you. We'll create your bespoke furniture and send it to your home fo you to build. It's usually a 2 person job for some of the trickier bits (like hanging the doors) but thanks to our unique, patented joint system, you build the cabinets standing upright.

You might need a circular saw for trimming the plinths and side scribe panels... or hire a local fitter to finish those bits off for you. You'll save an absolute fortune compared to the big companies, plus you don't have any hassling sales people, no mess in your home and no huge wait.

Oh, and a much smaller bill to pay!

By the way... if one of the big companies has already done a design and quote, you can send it to us and we'll quote like-for-like (or as close as possible). We also have a Price Match Promise, so you know you're getting the best possible price for your fitted wardrobes.




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