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Converting a loft into a bedroom is a fantastic way to use the extra space in your home... it can even increase your property's value! But just because your loft has awkward spaces like eaves and sloping walls and ceilings, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy quality bespoke furniture. That's where our loft conversion wardrobes come in... with sloping backs or angled sides!

We supply made to measure built in wardrobes that will fit perfectly into your loft conversion... but because you measure and assemble yourself, you save a fortune compared to some of the high street brands. Our high quality furniture comes in a range of different colours and finishes so you can find the perfect furniture to suit your room.

With our loft conversion wardrobes, as standard...

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loft conversion wardrobe


So, how does it work?

Using our handy Measuring Guide, you measure up your space in your loft where you want the wardrobe to go and then fill in your details online... choosing colour, internal options and much more. In a couple of working days, one of our friendly designers will give you a call to discuss your wardrobe, then send across a quote and a visual design so you've got an idea of how it will look.

Once you go ahead with the order we'll build it then deliver to your home, flat-packed, fast..

You then follow our instruction video to assemble your wardrobes yourself... or hire a local tradesperson to assemble for you.


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Our furniture comes in a range of fantastic colours and finishes, from flat colours in matt or gloss finish to beautiful wood and stone effects. You can order up to 3 free samples here to help you decide. Remember, our cabinetry has the same colour throughout... unlike cheaper companies who put nice doors on unfinished internal cabinetry.

Unlike some companies who only offer a frame (but charge you as if you were getting more!) we supply full, solid 18mm cabintry all round, for a rigid piece of furniture that will stand the test of time and protects whatever you're storing from damp, cold walls.

We deliver our dormer loft conversion wardrobes across the mainland United Kingdom from our state of the art factory in Nottinghamshire. For those living outside the mainland, we can deliver to a mainland shipping company of your choice for onward freight arranged by yourselves.

Not just for fitted bedrooms, our angled wardrobes and other dormer loft conversion wardrobes can be used for creating a den, gaming room or even a top-floor lounge space - they can be used as cupboards for storing games, DVDs, books or anything else you might want to store away.

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