Expanding the Dream: Crafting a Modern Office Space with Online Bedrooms

The journey of transforming a house into a home often evolves, and for Karen and her husband, this meant returning to Online Bedrooms for their next project. After experiencing the joys of a bespoke fitted wardrobe when the couple were renovating their bedroom, they were ready to take on a new challenge - converting a spare bedroom into a functional and stylish office space.


concrete fitted wardrobe

The Need for More: A Home Office and Additional Storage

The shift towards working from home, accelerated by the pandemic, highlighted the need for a dedicated workspace for Karen. "Working at the kitchen table was no longer viable. I needed a proper office space that was both inspiring and practical," Karen explained. Along with the office, the couple also sought additional storage for seasonal items such as winter coats, bedding, and more.


concrete fitted wardrobe

A Modern Industrial Aesthetic: The Concrete Finish with Graphite Accents

For their office renovation, Karen and her husband chose the Concrete finish for their storage solutions. The light yet modern appearance of this finish perfectly matched their vision for a contemporary home office. To add a unique touch, the designer at Online Bedrooms suggested incorporating Graphite top and bottom plinths to frame the wardrobe, enhancing its character and appeal.

"We were thrilled with the suggestion of the Graphite plinths," Karen said. "It gave the wardrobe an extra dimension, making it stand out and complementing the office's modern industrial vibe."


concrete built in wardrobe

Consistent Elegance: Black Knurled Handles

To maintain a cohesive look throughout their home, Karen opted for the same knurled handles used in their bedroom wardrobe, this time in a sleek black finish. "The black handles were a perfect choice. They tied in beautifully with the rest of the office, lending a contemporary and industrial edge that we absolutely love."

Our fitted wardrobes with desks make for the perfect home office setup.


concrete desk

The Desk: A Beacon of Functionality and Style

The centrepiece of the office was the desk, designed not just for functionality but also as a style statement. Adding an extra piece of material, they created a small 'upstand' behind the desk, integrating a strip light for soft mood lighting. "The lighting behind the desk was a game-changer. It creates such a soothing atmosphere, especially during late-night work sessions," Karen remarked.

Karen's story with Online Bedrooms is a testament to our commitment to not just meet but exceed our clients' expectations. Whether it's creating a dream wardrobe or transforming a spare room into a functional and stylish office, our team is dedicated to bringing your vision to life. Visit Online Bedrooms today and let us help you create your perfect space.

The Verdict: A Seamless Blend of Style and Practicality

The newly renovated office space, complete with additional storage, struck the perfect balance between modern aesthetics and practicality. "Online Bedrooms have outdone themselves again. The office is exactly what I envisioned - a space where I can be productive, surrounded by design elements that inspire me."


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