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How to use coffee grounds to clean your home


Many of us are missing out on one of the easiest hacks for cleaning up around our homes. 

Coffee grounds from your morning brew are one of the best things to use as a cleaning product, rather than being thrown in the bin. We’ve offered our advice on how you can make use of your old coffee grounds around the house. 

Mix the grounds with water to create a thick paste. This can be used to work into scuff marks on your wardrobes and remove the scratches. The coffee paste is also great to use on grease marks in your oven and pots and pans. When cleaning around the kitchen, use coffee to scrub away oil marks.

Another use for the water and coffee paste is to scrub into tile grout. The abrasive texture of the grounds will help to lift any dirt that has stuck.

Coffee acts as a natural deodorizer so letting the grounds sit on bad-smelling carpets and rugs and then vacuuming up will remove any unwanted odours. Stains and bad odours on your wooden chopping boards can be removed by working in coffee grounds to the surface. 

Stop ash clouds from forming when cleaning your fireplace by sprinkling over damp coffee grounds to weigh down the embers and make it easier to clean up. 

Here’s how to use coffee grounds to clean your home: 


1. Wardrobes

Easily cover scuffs from wardrobes and other wooden furniture by creating a thick paste of coffee grounds and water or oil. After applying the mixture to any scratch marks, leave to sit for around 15 minutes. Wipe the area clean and buff the wood dry. 


2. Oven 

Used coffee grounds mixed with a small amount of water will create a thick paste that can be applied to the surfaces of your oven to remove stains and grease build up. Let the coffee sit for half an hour and then wipe clean with a damp cloth. To then remove any lingering coffee smells just turn the oven on for 20 minutes at 100°C. 


3. Pots and pans

Coffee can be used to remove stubborn oily and greasy stains due to the coarse texture of the grounds. When washing up your pots and pans add a tablespoon of coffee grounds and gently scour away with a soft sponge to use as a natural scrub. 


4. Carpet cleaner 

Generously sprinkle dry coffee grounds onto your carpets and rugs to remove any bad smells. Let the coffee sit for several hours and then use a vacuum cleaner to clean away the grounds with the coffee acting as a natural deodorizer


5. Grout cleaner

Create a thick paste by mixing together used coffee grounds and water. Use an old toothbrush to scrub the mixture into the grout on the tiles in your kitchen or bathroom. The abrasive texture of coffee will help to lift dirt. 


6. Fireplace 

To stop ash from forming dust clouds when cleaning up your fireplace, sprinkle over damp coffee grounds that have been used. This will make the ashes easier to clean up and minimise the thick dust from appearing. 


7. Wooden chopping boards

Sprinkle dry coffee grounds into your wooden chopping boards and use a damp sponge in circular motions to scrub away stains and bad odours. Any stubborn marks can be removed with a paste of coffee grounds mixed with water. 

how to use coffee to clean



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