We love to replenish our homes by buying new items that make our living space feel revitalised, but how clean are these new purchases? 

You may not realise it, but newly bought items like pillowcases and towels are tested and tried out by hundreds or even thousands of shoppers every day before they land in your hands.

When you leave the checkout, you’re taking home items that are covered in germs which can only worsen if you don’t wash them before using them for the first time. This can result in clusters of bacteria spreading and even creepy crawlies appearing.

That’s why it’s essential to clean some of these freshly bought products with some hot soapy water or antiseptic wipes to banish the nasty germs. For extra cleanliness, white vinegar may also be needed to remove deeper bacteria. 

items to wash

The constant touching of the items can result in them picking up tons of bacteria which nobody wants to bring into their home and then face the possibility of picking up health issues from its presence.

We’ve put together nine items that must be cleaned before using them for the first time to prevent people from picking up these germs and getting ill from them.

Here are nine items which need to be washed after buying them:



Laying on fresh bedding is the ultimate way to get instant comfort. However, if the bedding is put on straight from the shop, it can cause germs to spread through to the mattress and create an environment which welcomes critters like dust mites.



People want to know if their towels feel right against their skin, but the constant rubbing of dirty hands on towels can cause bacteria to rest on the material. Be sure to put any towels straight into a hot wash especially when buying face towels. 


Mugs and glasses

Drinking mugs and glasses can pick up dirt and particles even without being touched. Scrub the mugs with hot soapy water before using them and don’t forget to thoroughly clean the lip of the mug before taking a sip out of it.



Blankets at the end of beds should immediately be washed before getting cosy with them. Many like to feel faux fur and teddy fleece blankets for their soft feel, which can then lead to putting hundreds of different people’s germs onto your face if they aren’t washed.



Books are picked up frequently so people can take a closer look at the front cover and find out more by reading the back cover blurb. Wipe them down with an antiseptic wipe before using them to avoid catching germs.



The last thing you want is to put on a top which someone else has sweated into from trying them out in the dressing room. Stick all new clothes on a 30ºC wash before wearing them on your next outing.



Darker coloured rugs could be hiding a layer of dirt and bacteria from people touching the material to make sure it’s comfortable enough to walk on. Shake off the rug outside before bringing it indoors and give it a good hoover to get rid of the dirt.



It can be extremely unhygienic to eat food off of a plate that hundreds of shoppers have touched in the store. Give all plates a good scrub before using them in the home to avoid getting ill. 



Studies have found that shoes can contain up to 10 billion bacteria which is no surprise when you consider the amount of people trying them out on the shop floor.. Wipe them down before using them and consider spraying some disinfectant inside of the shoe too.

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