Fitted wardrobes are still just as popular as they have ever been, with peope looking for the best possible storage options to make the most of every inch of their bedroom space, even those with less space looking for fitted wardrobe ideas for small bedrooms.

We regularly encounter customers that are looking for fitted wardrobes in alcoves - often these are to go either side of a chimney breast or in an unusual space created by a doorway. Sometimes they're even to go on top of a bulkhead for a staircase.

how to build a fitted wardrobe in an alcove

In this article, we explain how to build a fitted wardrobe in an alcove without breaking the bank.


Before We Begin: Our Wardrobes

Before we begin, it's important to note that this guide is based on measuring for, designing and building a fitted wardrobe in an alcove using our made to measure, flat-pack fitted wardrobe kits. We make and supply your fitted wardrobe in self-assembly form in just 3-4 weeks on average, with most wardrobes costing around £625-£775 per linear metre.

Here's an example of one of our stunning wardrobes with 2-Panel Shaker doors in an alcove:

fitted wardrobe in an alcove

Of course, if you're really handy you can get some pieces of wood and make your own wardrobes from scratch. For those with excellent DIY skills, that's probably the cheapest option but will require a fair bit of time and patience.

We offer an alternative, a low-cost and high-quality fitted wardrobe kit that's completely made to measure and usually less than half the price of the 'big boys' offering a full measure, design, supply and fit service.

Our wardrobes have gotten fantastic Trustpilot reviews and they're sustainability manufactured using British wood, plus they come with an industry-leading 15 year cabinet warranty.

If you need more convincing, check out loads of customer photos on our Instagram.

OK... let's get started with learning how to build an alcove fitted wardrobe, shall we?


Step 1: Measuring Your Space

We're going to assume that if you're searching for fitted wardrobes then you're wanting something that's floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall, to create that perfect built-in look that blends perfectly into the décor of your bedroom.

For this, we're going to need a tape measure!

alcove wardrobe measuring guide

You'll notice that there are three measurements here... A, B and C. Let's go through each one:

A - Measure the height of your alcove, from floor to ceiling, in 3 different places. Note down the tallest height. This is because many properties and rooms aren't perfectly straight and we want to make sure that everything that will fit.

B - Measure the width of your space, at 3 different heights. You should measure from wall-to-wall, ignoring any skirting boards or coving and note down the smallest of the three measurements.

C - Measure the depth that you'd like the wardrobe to be. This is the total external depth of the wardrobe. We recommend a minimum of 600mm if you want hanging rails, as the cabinets will be 18mm thick at the back and the doors are 18mm thick at the front, with a small void and then internal space for storage.

Now, take your width (B) measurement and round it down to the nearest 50mm (for example, 2637mm would be rounded down to 2600mm). Then, reduce this by another 100mm for the 2 side scribe panels that will connect the cabinet to the wall for that perfect wall-to-wall fitted wardrobe look.

For example, 2600mm would go down to 2500mm.


Step 2: Choose Your Internal Options

We offer made-to-measure flat-pack cabinetry with a range of internal options including hanging rails (single and double), shelving and drawers - all of which are soft-close as standard.

Choose from our internal options which you can see on this page or you can download the internal option guide in PDF format.

internal options

alcove fitted wardrobe internal options

Note down which options you'd like, from left to right. For example, you might want F, D, B.


Step 3: Choose Your Cabinet Colour

Although you can absolutely have matt white if you want it, your alcove fitted wardrobe doesn't need to be a simple white colour. In fact, we have a range of stunning colours and décors to suit all styles... from smooth-touch, scratch-resistant matt colours to natural oaks, pines and even stone finishes.

fitted wardrobe cabinet colour

You can see why it's popular to have beautiful cabinetry... you can open the doors to your fitted wardrobe and see wonderful furniture inside that looks and feels premium, but doesn't cost the earth!

Click here to explore our cabinet colours


Step 4: Choose Your Door Style & Colour

We currently offer four door styles for our fitted wardrobes. Instead of doing what some companies do and having a dizzying array of door aesthetics, we carefully selected the four most popular options to make your decision easier.

We have a choice of 4 doors... modern (smooth), modern (handleless groove), 2-panel shaker and 4-panel shaker. This allows you to choose between a contemporary or a traditional look for your wardrobes.

From there, you can also choose your preferred door colour - with a range of beautiful colours and finishes depending on the style of door you choose. The side scribes and top and bottom plinths will match your doors, but you can have contrasting colours against your cabinetry - it doesn't have to match! Great news... we don't charge extra for this.

We also offer free samples if you can't decide which colour you prefer. 

The doors will be supplied drilled with hinge holes and then you can drill your own handle holes (or not, in the case of the handleless doors) for your preferred placement.


door styles

Step 5: Request Your Quote

Fill in an enquiry form for our alcove fitted wardrobes - either for a single alcove, two alcoves either side of a chimney breast or even alcoves wrapping around the chimney breast with shallow shelving covering it for a total wall-to-wall look.

A designer will be in touch with a quote and a visual of the design so you know what you're getting. This takes a couple of working days at most, usually.

For an idea of cost... our wardrobes will typically be around £625-£775 per linear metre, with delivery nationwide.

To get your quote, select the relevant layout below:

alcoves either side chimney  

Step 6: Build Your Fitted Wardrobe

Once you've paid for your order and taken delivery (in around 3-4 weeks on average) you can start to assemble the wardrobes. If you're wondering how to build a fitted wardrobe in an alcove, this is the part where you'll learn the assembly process. It's easy, should only require 1 person (although 2 people is advised for ease) and some basic tools.

You'll need:

  • A screwdriver / impact driver
  • A circular saw (for side scribes and plinths)

Firstly, open all the boxes and check for damage and to make sure that you have all the components that should be with your order.

Then you can start the build. For this, we have a handy 3D assembly video that will guide you through the process.




That's it! You've now built your fitted wardrobe in your alcove and it's ready to enjoy.

If you're not quite ready for a quote yet and want to learn more about our DIY fitted wardrobe kits, please request your free online brochure to discover more.


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Review by Kieron Leigh

posted on 19 Oct, 2022
Fantastic and easy to follow, i've put a request in for a quote

Review by P Moreton

posted on 19 Oct, 2022
this is exactly what i was looking for, easier to order something made to measure and build it then to totally fabricate between myself and my brother in law, cant wait to get started with it

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