Here’s why you shouldn’t have a glass dining table - Interior trends that are bad feng shui

Our homes should be a places that are peaceful and full of happy and positive energy which is why it’s important to create a home with good feng shui throughout.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on the arrangement of living spaces in order to create balance and harmony and the way we arrange our homes can enhance the positive energy flowing through them.


interior trends bad feng shui


Some even believe this can have positive effects on things like our health and money.

The way in which we organise, decorate and furnish our homes can actually lead to bad feng shui and cause disagreements, arguments and health problems.

We all have certain furniture choices that we love and it’s easy to be heavily influenced from what we see online too.

Unfortunately a lot of our favourite design choices like glass tables and lots of mirrors are actually bad feng shui, meaning they disrupt the flow of energy throughout the home.

We’ve broken down some interior trends that are considered bad feng shui so people can restore positive energy in their home.


Interior trends that are bad feng shui:


1. Glass dining table

Although they can look chic and stylish, a glass dining table actually represents fragility in the family home. Instead you’ll want something more solid like wood.


2. Mirrors opposite your front door

A lot of people add mirrors into their hallway to open up the space and make it appear bigger. However, it is believed that having a mirror directly opposite your door causes any good energy that may enter to bounce straight out. 


3. Oversized, low hanging lights 

Large low hanging lights can be a great stand out feature in your home but they should never be in the bedroom. Having these above the bed can create a heavy feeling of pressure and stress when trying to sleep.


4. Placing sofas or beds in front of a window

If the back of your sofa or bed is facing a window it can leave you feeling vulnerable to any negative energy that is coming from the outside. Where possible try to avoid placing furniture like this in front of the window.


5. Furniture with sharp edges

Having too much furniture with sharp edges is considered bad feng shui as they create a harsh and negative energy.


6. Furniture that does not lift off the ground

Ideally you want furniture like beds, sofas and cabinets to have legs that allow the furniture to sit above the ground. This is so that there is space for positive energy to flow through the home.


7. One bedside cabinet

Couples should try to have a bedside cabinet each on their side of the bed to represent balance and equality in their relationship. Having one could throw this energy off and lead to one person not feeling supported.


8. Patterned mirrors

Mirrors that display patterns or panelling are considered bad feng shui as it’s believed you are only meant to see your reflection as whole. 


9. Metal bed frames

If possible, you should opt for bed frames made out of wood over any other material. Wood provides you with support and stability which is crucial for sleeping. 



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