Barbie fans will have to fork out thousands if they want to turn their dream into a reality with their very own dreamhouse bedroom. The Barbie marketing team have pulled out all the stops to paint the Earth pink in honour of the film's release this July.

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It’s the film everyone’s talking about and we wanted to look at how much it would cost to transform a bedroom into a pink Barbie paradise as shown in the film.

If anyone is going to take the jump and copy Barbie, be prepared to pay a heavy price tag.

When tallying up the costs, we found that the most expensive item in the room is the iconic Barbie wardrobe which comes in at around £3,500 with its iconic glass panelling, inside hooks and fixtures. But other items are a little cheaper to replicate, such as the pink side tables and the clam-shaped bed.

The total cost of the room, factoring in the wardrobe, bed, side tables, vanity set, fluffy chair and stool and the bedroom-to-pool-slide could set you back over £9,000.

But that’s what it takes if you want to live like Barbie!

There have been various versions of the dreamhouse over the past six decades, with the first one being released back in 1962. However, Barbie’s first home was slightly less extravagant compared to her 2023 version - less pink and no pool slide!

Barbie Fans across the world have been captivated by the film’s trailer, as the first look of the dreamhouse brought people’s childhood fantasies to life.

If your heart is set on following the Barbie fantasy no matter the price, here is a breakdown of what it’ll cost you to replicate the dreamhouse bedroom:


1. Barbie’s Wardrobe - £3,500


The glass panelling, the signature Barbie pink paint, the hooks for the clothes and the unit itself will push the price through the roof. If you want to recreate it at home it’ll cost an estimated £3,500 to decorate it Barbie-style.


2. Clam bed - £585.39 


If you want a clam bed frame identical to Barbie’s, one can be found online for just under £600. But if you want to copy the movie’s version, you’ll need to fork out extra for three baby pink pillows and a glittery duvet.


3. Pink side tables - £220.08


The least expensive part to recreate from the dreamhouse is the two pink side tables. It’ll set you back around £220 for the pair of simplistic, but chic, bedside tables.


4. Vanity set -  £1,429.99


Barbie’s style is always perfected to the finest of details, which is why the vanity set is of the utmost importance to have if you’re copying her bedroom aesthetic. A similar set can be purchased online for under £1,500 in a lighter pink colour.


5. Fluffy chair and stool - £1,204.71


An almost exact replica of Barbie’s pink fluffy chair and stool can be ordered online for £1,200. The comfy pink teddy material will match perfectly with the clam bed and glammed-out wardrobe.


6. Bedroom-to-pool-slide - £300.18


How can you forget about the dreamhouse slide? The bedroom-to-pool-slide may be difficult to copy, but it’s not impossible. Two pink slides can be found online for £300, but it’ll need a lot of DIY work to make it a reality.


7. Glitter blanket - £47


Pink and glitter seem to be the motto for Barbie’s bedroom decor. A similar multi-coloured sequin blanket can be found for £47 if you want a snuggly but glamorous cover.


8. Set of pink pillows - £36


The cheapest set on the list is the three circular pink pillows which Barbie has on her bed. While some people like to go overboard with display pillows, it seems Barbie likes to keep to her simplistic and chic style by only using a few.


9. Beside lamps - £1,800 for one


Getting hold of a lookalike lamp is near impossible, but if you’re willing to splash the cash, there’s an identical bedside lamp available for a hefty price of under £1,800. If you want to copy Barbie exactly, you’ll need a set which will set you back over three and a half thousand pounds.


Clam Bed:




Pink side tables:




Vanity set:




Fluffy chair and stool:




Glitter blanket:








Beside lamps:



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