Autumn is here and soon the temperatures will be dropping which means it’s time for your favourite woolly jumpers and winter coats to make their annual return.


Over the years we’ve noticed many people storing their autumn clothes incorrectly which could ruin the quality of your clothing over time.

Hanging jumpers and knitwear and over washing clothes are just some of the things thousands of people are doing that are causing their favourite garments to lose shape.

Autumn and winter clothes take up more space than summer ones. Woolly jumpers, heavy coats and thick trousers can quickly fill up the wardrobe but unfortunately overcrowding is another factor that can  damage clothes over time.

There are some simple changes you can make that can help to maintain the quality of your clothes for longer. 

For starters fold any kinds of sweaters and ensure you’re hanging coats on padded hangers which can support the weight. You’ll also want to be wary of how often you’re washing your autumn clothes as some materials like cotton may be damaged due to over-washing. Instead, consider spot washing clothes. 

This is when you focus on washing one specific area that may be affected by a stain instead of putting the whole item in the wash.

How to properly store autumn and winter clothes:

1. Fold knitwear

Jumpers and knitwear can stretch easily when kept on a hanger which can ruin their shape over time. Instead, fold up your jumpers and use dividers to keep them neat, visible and accessible.


2. Keep rolled up newspapers in boots

When they’re not in use, it’s a good idea to keep boot shapers or rolled up newspaper inside the shoe to prevent it from losing its shape. This is particularly important with knee high or mid length boots.


3. Avoid overcrowding coats

Storing all of your coats in one closet is an ideal place to keep them. However overcrowding can cause the coats to lose their shape. Try to spread them out and keep a bit of a gap between each coat.


4. Use padded hangers for heavier items

Ideally you should be hanging coats on padded hangers. These are more likely to support the weight of a coat and help it maintain its shape in the shoulders. 


5. Avoid overwashing

Autumn materials such as cotton and silk are particularly delicate and overwashing can ruin garments over time. If necessary, consider spot washing clothes and tackling stains rather than washing the whole item after just one wear.


6. Don’t vacuum pack clothes

You may think vacuum packing your clothes is a great way to save space. Sealing your clothes up tightly is another mistake that can cause them to lose their shape and also damage their material.


7. Hanging up damp coats

If you’ve been out in the rain you should let your coat dry out before storing it away in the cupboard again. Putting a wet coat back on the hanger could lead to a damp smell from the lack of space for it to dry. This could also cause other coats and items of clothing to smell.

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