We know it’s a simple task but many of us have been washing our bedding all wrong. 

And the number one mistake is not washing our bedding enough. We sleep in our beds for around eight hours a night, that means over the course of just one week we spend 56 hours in there. 



You wouldn’t wear the same clothes for that length of time and the same rule should apply to bedding. 

Another mistake a lot of people make is adding way too much detergent in the hopes it’ll make their bedding extra clean. The reality is adding too much detergent could actually ruin your bedding and change its texture and softness.

To get the best results when washing the bedding it’s important to wash the sheets on their own, put in the right amount of detergent and wash them on the temperature advised.


How to properly wash your bedding:

1. Wash them once a week

The majority of people wash their bedding once every two weeks but this isn’t enough. We sleep in our bed for eight hours a night, that's 56 hours over the week in the same bedding. We all sweat throughout the night and this combined with the build up of dust mites makes our beds a breeding ground for bacteria which is why they should be washed once a week.


2. Don’t put in too much detergent

You may think the more detergent you put in, the cleaner your sheets will be but this is not true. It can actually ruin both your bedding and your washing machine. Stick to the usual amount and it will be more than enough.


3. Don’t overuse fabric softener

Like detergent, it can be tempting to overuse fabric softener in the hopes of achieving super soft and comfy bedding. However, using too much fabric softener can leave your bedding with a bit of a waxy residue.


4. Check the label

A lot of people tend to wash their bedding on the same temperature that they wash their normal clothes on. By doing this you run the risk of damaging or even shrinking your sheets. Read the label and always follow the advised temperature.


5. Don’t put them in the dryer

Regardless of what the label says you should always try to air dry your bedding instead of putting it into the dryer. Over time the dryer causes your bedding to lose its strength and softness which will compromise the feel of the sheets.


6. Button up the duvet cover

It’s very easy for pillow cases to get lost inside of your duvet cover when in the machine and this means they won’t get washed properly. It’s worth buttoning up your duvet cover to prevent the rest of the bedding from getting tangled up inside of it.


7. Wash them on their own

You may be tempted to throw a few more items into your washing machine along with your bedding but the truth is you're better off washing your bedding separately. Any other items you put in are likely to get wrapped up in your bedding and they won’t get washed properly.



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