fitted wardrobes for awkward spaces

Fitted Wardrobes For Awkward Spaces

Made to measure, bespoke furniture

Customers across the UK come to us looking for fitted wardrobes for their awkward spaces in their homes. Whether it's wardrobes with a sloping back for the eaves in a loft conversion, wardrobes with angled sides, going around corners, fitting into alcoves or around stair bulkheads, at Online Bedrooms we can help! We built made to measure furniture with beautiful cabinetry and a range of doors, delivered to your home in just 3-4 weeks on average, for self assembly or a local fitter.

Coming with up to a 15 year guarantee (that's industry-leading!) we supply some of the best quality bespoke wardrobes, walk in wardrobes, sliding door wardrobes and other custom bedroom and home furniture in the UK - made for DIYers to assemble themselves to save thousands of pounds. Everything is built at our factory in Nottinghamshire and we deliver across the UK mainland.

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high ceiling wardrobe

High Ceilings

Customers in older homes or ultra-modern homes can often have trouble finding suitable fitted wardrobes for high ceilings.

Because our cabinetry is entirely made to measure (no set-size doors with custom fillers like some big companies!) we can make extra-tall cabinets. For those with extremely high ceilings, we can offer a door split, with 'top boxes' above the wardrobes for additional storage space.

This means that you don't need to compromise on your fitted wardrobe dreams just because your room happens to be particularly tall. You can still enjoy a floor to ceiling wardrobe, with no gaps for dust to accumulate.

We'll make our cabinetry fit your space (with top boxes or shelving) and provide oversized top plinths for you or your fitter to trim to the perfect height during the installation.

alcove fitted wardrobes


If your bedroom has alcoves you'll often find that standard wardrobes will leave a lot of wasted space on either side and above, due to the fact that they're not made to measure and are unlikely to fill the space well.

We find many customers wondering how to build a fitted wardrobe in an alcove. Our alcove fitted wardrobes are entirely made to measure from wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling for a perfect fit to make the most of your space and give you truly bespoke bedroom storage that suits your needs.

Many alcove wardrobes are either side of a chimney breast, so we can supply wardrobes that wrap around a chimney breast or sit in the alcoves on either side for a smart finish that really makes your bedroom look premium.

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sloping ceiling wardrobe

Sloping Ceilings

Make the most of your eaves, sloping ceilings and unusual spaces with our angled side and sloping back wardrobes. Fully made to measure from floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall, you'll maximise the space you have.

Ideal for loft conversion wardrobes with eaves that can be awkward to get to or any number of other situations in which you'd want a sloping back or angled side wardrobe. Many people with lofts that have been converted into bedrooms will board off the eaves, wasting valuable storage space.

We offer full cabinetry with a range of stunning doors and internal cabinet finishes for a truly bespoke and beautiful wardrobe for your sloping ceiling space.

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fitted wardrobe with tv space

Wardrobes With TV Space

The majority of adults have a TV in their bedroom, but for those who are more constrained in terms of storage space might find that they have to choose between bespoke bedroom storage and a TV.

Not so with Online Bedrooms, as we offer beautiful fitted wardrobes with TV space so that you can mount the TV on the back panel or sit it on it's stand in the space. This allows you to get wardrobe storage on either side, plus drawers and shelving above & below the TV itself.

As always, all cabinetry is made to measure to suit your room and requirements to maximise the space you have.

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