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Whether you’re decorating the bedroom after moving into a new property or want to inject new life into your existing surroundings, selecting the right wardrobes is easily one of the most important factors. The big question is simple: should I invest in freestanding or built-in wardrobes?

While there is no single right or wrong option as to which type of wardrobes are best, we recognise that customers and their homes are unique, so the following guide should help you find the perfect match for your bedroom...

Built-In Wardrobes & Freestanding Wardrobes:
What are the main differences?

Before looking at the benefits of built-in wardrobes, it’s important to consider the areas where freestanding options may or may not be more suitable. After all, the marketplace is blessed with hundreds of brilliant designs for both built-in and freestanding wardrobes.

As such, you will not struggle to find an attractive solution regardless of which route you take. But there's a few key differences worth considering from the start. They are;

Costs: As a rule of thumb, you'll need to spend a little more on built-in wardrobes compared to freestanding units. For example, a bespoke 3-metre built-in wardrobe from us should cost in the region of £1200-2000 depending on internal options. 

While the lower end of the freestanding spectrum has far cheaper options, the contrasts between high end freestanding and built-in wardrobes are relatively small.

Convenience: The process of designing, manufacturing, and delivering built-in wardrobes can take us around 3-4 weeks at peak times, especially when complex designs are used.

So a freestanding wardrobe that's "out of the box" and not bespoke from other companies can arrive faster, although we do have market-leading lead-times for bespoke wardrobes. In both cases, though, installation should only take you a day to complete.

Concepts: Opting for a built-in wardrobe gives you unrivalled versatility and control, but it does also place an added responsibility compared to buying a pre-designed freestanding unit.

In truth, though, most homeowners find this exciting rather than tiring, especially with the help of our expert designers who aim to make the process as smooth as possible for you, as evidenced by our amazing Trustpilot reviews. Still, it is an issue to consider.

Ultimately, though, the potential drawbacks are far fewer than what they were in previous generations. While they still deliver a distinct sense of luxury, built-in fitted wardrobes are now more affordable and accessible than ever before. And their benefits are plentiful.

built-in wardrobe in nebraska oak

Why Choose Built-In Fitted Wardrobes?

Built-in wardrobes are viewed by many as the ultimate solution for bedroom storage, and you’ve almost certainly thought about buying them several times before.

So, are they actually worth the money? Here are just six of the best reasons to invest.

white built in wardrobe

#1. Maximize Your Space

First and foremost, built-in wardrobes ensure that your storage space is used to its full potential. We have customer looking to install their fitted wardrobes in loft conversions or sloping ceilings. Even if you are working with difficult spaces, such as alcoves and slanted ceilings, the bespoke designs will ensure that every millimetre of space is put to great use. In fact, we offer some amazing angled fitted wardrobe options.

If you're looking to complete a run around the edge of a room, our corner wardrobes will work perfectly... they're 'blind corners' which means one side goes behind the other... great for hanging rails and storing things you don't need often, like suitcases or seasonal clothes and footwear.

In turn, you can make the home feel more organized without losing space in other parts of the home.


blue angled fitted wardrobe

#2. Gain The Perfect Look

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a contemporary design, traditional look, or child’s bedroom. Fitted wardrobes that are designed to perfectly match your aesthetic requirements whether it’s a versatile grey fitted wardrobe or a unique design that you've desired for many years, taking the built-in route will give you a chance to turn the vision into a reality.

You don't have to have matt white, either. There's a huge range of colour choices for your wardrobes, plus some stunning finishes that really do look and feel premium.


grey corner fitted wardrobe

#3. Find The Best Internal Configuration

In addition to working with the available space offered by the room, bespoke built-in wardrobes allow you to work with the internal dimensions too. Drawers, hanging rails, pull-out mirrors, shelving and a range of additional storage compartments can be incorporated into the design.

As such, the final result will perfectly reflect your personal requirements. Our range of fitted wardrobe internal options has been curated to cover almost all customers' needs.


grey fitted wardrobe

#4, Guaranteed Quality

The right wardrobes will provide years of function, which is one of the main attractions of choosing built-in wardrobes. The combination of quality designs, durable materials, and the fact that they can’t topple over like a freestanding unit will ensure that they last a lifetime. Better still, the happiness they provide won’t fade.


grey oak built in wardrobes

#5. Add Value To The Property

Whether you are actively preparing the home for sale or not, it’s never a bad idea to seek an interior upgrade that will deliver a positive return on investment. Whether it’s fitted wardrobes for a loft conversion or a bespoke design for the master bedroom, there’s no doubt that built-in wardrobes will add value to the home as well as your daily life.


light grey bespoke wardrobes

#6. Peace Of Mind

Finally, it should not be forgotten that there is something quite special about having built-in wardrobes. It’s one of the luxury home additions that everyone dreams of at some point. The ability to sit in your bed and see the ultra-stylish and fully personalised wardrobes will allow you to start and end each day with a smile.

The Verdict

Built-in wardrobes may be slightly more expensive but their positive impact on the aesthetic and storage facilities of the bedroom cannot be ignored. If you’ve always wanted to have them, now is the time to make the investment.

The great thing is... you don't have to spend the HUGE amounts of cash that the 'fully fitted' companies want to take from you. With a little bit of DIY knowledge and some basic tools (or just find a tradesperson to fit it for you) you can have made-to-measure, built-in wardrobes that are of superb quality, with a 15 year guarantee and a lot of money left in your back pocket.

Sound good? Take the first steps by exploring our built-in wardrobes range...


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