Fitted wardrobes are growing in popularity around the UK, as people look to enjoy the many benefits of having something that’s made to measure and built in to their space.

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Firstly, why have fitted wardrobes?

This is worth bringing up... are fitted wardrobes worth it for the cost and the effort? Naturally, we're biased and we think so, but there’s a number of great reasons to get some fitted wardrobes.

1. They give you more flexibility of your storage

2. They can improve the value of your home

3. They can reduce noise in your bedroom from the outside world

4. They look better than regular freestanding wardrobes

…and many more!

People often assume that having some bespoke wardrobes for your bedroom is going to be expensive, but actually they don't have to cost the earth. We get so many customers asking how much fitted wardrobes cost and everybody is surprised when they get a quote to learn that you don't need to part with an arm and a leg to get a great quality fitted bedroom.

In fact, if you don't have a huge space, they can cost less than £1000! We are regularly approached by customers looking for fitted wardrobe ideas for small bedrooms. Our average customer spends around £2500 for around a 3 metre space.

white pine deep fitted wardrobe

So how deep are fitted wardrobes?

This question doesn't necessarily have a simple answer... sort of. Bear with us. Firstly, your fitted wardrobes can be as deep as you want them to be. There is no set depth for fitted wardrobes... by their very nature they are completely made to measure, which means you can have them as deep as your room allows or as deep as you need them to be.

This is true whether you have full carcasse or front frame fitted wardrobes (though we strongly recommend full carcasse for better quality).

That sounds, simple, but we said it wasn't and now we'll explain why.

Full-cabinet wardrobes

Different companies will mean you need different overall depths for your wardrobe. That's because some companies offer full cabinetry, with solid 18mm backs and sides (like us!) and therefore you need to take the thickness of the back panel into consideration. In addition, you'll have the thickness of the doors to add on, too. This is useful if your wardrobe is going into an alcove and you've only got a set depth to work with.

sliding door fitted wardrobe

Sliding door wardrobes

If, like many people, you opt for sliding door fitted wardrobes then there's a couple of things to consider. First, you have to factor in the depth of the tracks that the doors sit on (normally around 100mm, give or take). Secondly, the depth of the interior. Some companies will offer basic internals (basically a shelf and a rail stuck to your wall, or an internal pre-set that's quite cheap) whereas others (like ourselves) who offer full, bespoke cabinetry inside, which has not only the depth of the storage space but also the 18mm thick solid back, too.

With solid cabintry, you lose a little space but you gain a much longer-lasting, higher quality and ultimately nicer to look at and use wardrobe that truly is bespoke. 

Front-frame wardrobes

Other companies offer "front frame" wardrobes - these are basically just a frame with doors on... inside you'll see your walls. Some people like this because you technically get more space, but there are disadvantages too.

One... you're paying a lot of money for basically a cheap frame, which is unlikely to last for a long time. Two, if one of the walls is an external-facing wall, then you could get damp over time which will make your clothes smell.

What to consider

The main thing you need to think about... and we know this seems obvious... is what you're actually going to put in your wardrobe. If you hang thick jackets and coats, you're probably going to need more depth. 

Find the widest, biggest jacket you'd have in there and measure from shoulder to shoulder. Add on 10mm and that's probably the internal depth that you'll want.

For most customers, we recommend a minimum depth of 600mm for their fitted wardrobes. With regular doors and our solid backs, that's a total depth of 636mm that you'll need in your room.

Get a quote

Want to get a quote for some fitted wardrobes now you know how deep they need to be? You can use our measuring guide and get a fast quote by filling out some details. Not ready yet? That's ok, just request a free brochure to see what's what!


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