One of the questions that we often get asked by customers who are looking to purchase fitted wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes or other bespoke bedroom furniture from us is... how long do fitted wardrobes take to fit? In fact, it's often searched for online by people wondering how much disruption there might be in their home whilst their bespoke wardrobes and being fitted.

We wanted to help, so we put together a guide to help customers understand better. This is useful for both customers who are opting for our DIY solution and installing the wardrobes themselves but also for customers utilising a third-party fitter or our installation service at their homes.

You might be wondering how much fitted wardrobes cost or what some of the main benefits are, but having an understanding of install times is important for a lot of customers.

We deliver our wardrobes in as little as 3-4 weeks which means you don't need to wait long after ordering to start enjoying your new furniture.


So... how long does it take to build fitted wardrobes? 

The simple answer is... on average it takes around 1 day to built fitted wardrobes and fully install them. This is based on the typical size of a fitted wardrobe being around 2.5 to 3 metres and being around 3-4 cabinets.


installing fitted wardrobes

What factors can affect the installation time?

The time really depends on how many cabinets there are and the complexity of the cabinets. Our fitted wardrobes are comprised of solid, 18mm carcasses which fit together, built upright. Each cabinet takes around 15-20 minutes to build for an amateur DIYer and 10-15 minutes for a professional and experienced fitter.

The internal options in the wardrobe naturally affect the time it takes to fit, as more shelves or drawers will take longer to put together. To help, we supply our wardrobes with drawer-boxes that are pre-built to save time for customers or their installaters. All that's required is to fit the handles (if required) and the runners which will need screwing into the cabinet. The drawer box then clicks into the runners and is ready to use.

The longest part of the installation is the cutting and fitting of the side scribe (filler) panels and the top and bottom plinths.

If you have straight, level walls this is a fairly easy process with basic tools (or is an easier job for your fitter). If, like many customers, you have wonky and uneven walls or ceilings - or perhaps have a beam to contend with or an angled ceiling - then this process can take a little longer.


how long do fitted wardrobes take to fit

How can I get ready for my fitted wardrobe installation?

In order to prepare for the installation of your wardrobes and to make sure that the fit time is reduced, you can do a few things. We recommend pulling back your carpet where the wardrobe will go. Whilst it is possible to install a fitted wardrobe on a carpet, we recommend that you don't to ensure perfect levelness.

We also recommend clearing plenty of space in the bedroom - a fitted wardrobe can be comprised of many large pieces and panels which can take up a lot of room.


I'm fitting myself... what tools do I need?

If you're choosing to fit your own wardrobes then you'll want to know how long they take to fit but also what equipment you'll need. We recommend that you have a screwdriver (or impact driver), plus a circular saw and workbench, tape measure, spirit level and some decorators caulk for giving the side scribes and the plinths a seamless finish against your wall.


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