Fitted wardrobes are one of the best bespoke storage solutions that you can invest in for your bedrooms. There's a huge range to choose from in the UK and you want to make sure you don't make any common mistakes when ordering yours.

Here are a couple of the biggest advantages and why you should consider having one installed in your room.


Customised Design to Fit Any Space

Freestanding wardrobes may be convenient because they’re inexpensive and easy to purchase, but they don’t take advantage of your room.

They’re designed to be drop-in furniture additions to any room, and this can create some complications when designing the overall layout of a room. What if there’s some extra space that you can’t utilise? What if it’s not tall enough and there’s empty space above the wardrobe?

Your room and its dimensions are taken into consideration with fitted wardrobes. They’re designed to fit into any space no matter how irregular they may be. It could be a recessed wall in your room, an oddly-shaped corner, or even a room with sloped ceilings.

Fitted wardrobes use every bit of space available to ensure that no area is wasted.


Sloping grey fitted wardrobe  

Versatile Internal Configurations

Bespoke fitted wardrobes are custom-designed to fit your exact storage needs. This is far better than freestanding wardrobes that come pre-installed with a certain number of drawers, shelves, and clothes rails. While modular wardrobe solutions are a step up to freestanding wardrobes, they don’t utilise all of the space available which means you’re not maximising storage space.

In comparison, fitted wardrobes can maximise both the amount of storage space in your room and the type of storage you need. Are you looking for more clothes rails to hang clothes? You can add more. Prefer some extra drawers for folded items? No problem.

What if you want open shelves to put things like books because you don’t have that many clothes? That can happen too. In short, a fitted wardrobe is designed to fit your rooms and needs perfectly.


Traditional fitted wardrobe with door open

Seamless Integration with Room Décor

You might find it hard to pick a wardrobe because there’s nothing that matches the existing decor. You could spend days looking for something suitable, and you may ultimately need to compromise on design or functionality because of the premade options out there.

But that’s not the case with a bespoke wardrobe. If you’re concerned that a new wardrobe might clash with your decor, then a fitted wardrobe is a great solution because you can choose exactly how it looks.

Fitted wardrobes can be made in a variety of finishes and styles that blend with your existing room decor, offering seamless integration without additional stress.


Oak fitted wardrobe  

Enhanced Durability and Quality

There’s nothing worse than buying a freestanding wardrobe that crumbles under daily use because it uses poor-quality materials. Having to replace an entire wardrobe is quite the ordeal, and it’s a massive waste of time and money that you can avoid.

Fitted wardrobes offer far more durability and quality than premade options. Our fitted wardrobes use 18mm MFC to ensure that they’re sturdy, long-lasting, and visually appealing. It will stand the test of time while also being rigorous enough for daily use.

Our fitted wardrobes are also backed by a 15-year guarantee, so you can rest assured knowing that we’ve got your back no matter what happens to it.


Optimised Organisation

Bespoke storage solutions allow for far more optimised organisation options than freestanding wardrobes. Not only can you choose the exact number of shelves, rails, and drawers to have, but you can also adjust their sizes.

Fully-customisable fitted wardrobes are an incredible way to make the most of your storage space, and they can be tailored to fit your room’s dimensions, thus optimising the space in your room as well. It makes it easy to keep your entire room tidy and have things systematically organised.



Fitted wardrobes come with many advantages over freestanding ones. They’re more durable, that can be designed to fit your home and decor, and they offer far more customisation options to create an incredibly flexible storage solution.

While they are more expensive, they’re one of the best ways to maximise storage space in your rooms, and they come with long guarantees to give you peace of mind.

Investing in a fitted wardrobe is a smart financial decision, especially if you’re looking to get the most storage space out of your bedroom.


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