IKEA Fitted Wardrobes Alternatives

Looking for an alternative to IKEA for your fitted wardrobes?

One of the biggest names in the furniture industry, Swedish manufacturer IKEA is a household name and their PAX wardrobe system is something that we come up against all the time.

Often, customers who have had an IKEA PAX quote then start searching online for PAX alternatives because they want to compare to see if they can save money.

Because we see so many IKEA designs & quotes, we’re able to record data to see how we compare in terms of price on a near like-for-like basis. 

If you’re looking for an alternative to IKEA PAX fitted wardrobes then we’re potentially the ideal fit for you!

Product quality, materials & interiors

IKEA's PAX system is ideal for those looking for new wardrobes on a budget. There's a great range of personalisation available with lots of interior option choices. However, there are some important differences between our product and IKEA's that you should know about.

Made to Measure

IKEA PAX wardrobes are not made to measure. They come in a range of set widths and sizes and cannot be customised. By comparison, Online Bedrooms wardrobes are entirely bespoke and made to measure to fit the exact dimensions and contours of your room, regardless of shape.


The wardrobes available from IKEA in their PAX range come in just two colours: White and Stained Oak Effect. To compare, Online Bedrooms fitted wardrobes come in a range of 10+ colours and finishes for even more personalisation. You can even have your cabinetry and doors in different colours if you want to mix and match, at no extra cost!


According to the IKEA website, the cabinets for PAX wardrobes are made from particle and fibreboard with honeycomb paper filling. PAX wardrobes come with solid tops, bases and sides and very thin back panels which are nailed into place.

At Online Bedrooms, we offer full cabinetry as standard, made from 18mm MFC on all five sides and with the cabinetry available in 10+ colours and décors for true personalisation. The cabinetry and the doors are both made to measure for millimetre perfect wardrobes that fit your space beautifully.



It's difficult to compare like-for-like between Online Bedrooms and IKEA because the products are so different. If you're looking for an ultra low-cost wardrobe then an IKEA PAX wardrobe will be cheaper.

However, there is a limited number of colours and internal configurations, none of the cabinetry is made to measure and you won't have the wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling fitted wardrobe look.

With Online Bedrooms, you'll get a full fitted wardrobe finish, a choice of 10+ colours and décors, a range of 11 internal configurations which are all made to measure and a choice of five door styles (two modern, two traditional and one sliding door).

For that personalisation and product quality, you'll pay a premium... although we're still lower in price than most of the fully fitted, made to measure competition!


Delivery & lead times

Our average lead time is 3-4 weeks from order being confirmed (ie, payment received) to delivery. As soon as the wardrobes arrive, you can start to assemble them yourself or hire a third party fitter if you’re not DIY confident.

With IKEA, because a PAX wardrobe isn't bespoke or made to measure then delivery can be in as little as 2 working days if the product is in stock, or you can collect it yourself from your local IKEA store.



IKEA offer their customers a 10 year guarantee on their PAX furniture.

By comparison, at Online Bedrooms we offer a 15 year guarantee on your cabinetry because we’re so confident in the quality of our furniture, plus up to a 15 year guarantee on the wardrobe doors, depending on the range and style. You can learn more about our warranty here.


Soft-close doors

IKEA PAX wardrobes come with soft-closing doors as standard. At Online Bedrooms we offer this too, but with 155° wide-angle hinges on our doors.


Getting a design & quote

With IKEA's PAX system, you have two ways of getting a quote. You can either visit an IKEA store and speak to an advisor who'll build a quote for you whilst you wait, or you can use their planner tool to build your PAX wardrobe online and get a live price.

You'll still need to measure up your room, either way. IKEA do not visit your home to measure and put together a design.

At Online Bedrooms, our service is entirely remote for maximum convenience. You simply add in your information (including measurements for your space and desired style, colour, handles, internals etc) to one of our online Quote Forms and a designer will be in touch within 2 working days to produce a free 3D design and transparent quote, with each item individually priced for full visibility of where your money is going.

You can arrange a Zoom meeting to tweak the design further, or discuss via phone and email.


Minimum order value & pricing transparency

IKEA have fantastic transparency when it comes to pricing as their PAX wardrobe system is entirely modular, meaning you can build and see the price of every element as you go.

At Online Bedrooms, we have no minimum order value at all, with the exception of our 0% APR finance which does has a minimum order value of £1200.

All Online Bedrooms quotes are fully transparent and itemised so you can see exactly how much every single element of your bedroom order costs, giving you the flexbility to make tweaks to get the quotation to suit your budget.


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