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One of the biggest names in the fitted wardrobe industry, Sharps is a company that we come up against all the time. Often, customers who have had a Sharps quote then start searching online for Sharps alternatives because they want to compare to see if they can save money after being shocked by the quote from the Sharps designer... even with a huge discount!

Because we see so many Sharps wardrobes quotes, we’re able to record data to see how we compare in terms of price on a near like-for-like basis. We've analysed all of our quotes that we created based on as near as possible to like-for-like against a Sharps design in 2023... and we're delighted to say that we were cheaper, every single time. In fact, we always beat the Sharps quote by at least £1000.

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If you’re looking for an alternative to Sharps Bedrooms, we’re potentially the ideal fit for you!



Product quality, materials & interiors

Sharps wardrobes are only available as a front-frame system. This is a frame that the fitter will make and cut to size in your home and then fit to your walls. Onto this frame, some set-size doors will be hung as Sharps doors are not made to measure. The frame has a base, but no sides, top or backs.

As the doors aren't made to measure, the gaps are filled with the frame on either side which can be cut wider, as a filler panel, to make things fit from wall-to-wall.

The facts are that when using a front-frame system with no tops, backs or sides you do gain additional storage space compared to a full-carcass alternative. However, how much extra space you gain is debatable.

Sharps claim you gain up to 40% more space - however, they don't show any verifiable proof or workings to show how they came to this conclusion. For all intents and purposes, it's a random number.

It's worth noting that with the Sharps front frame system, you'll need to decorate your walls, as they'll be entirely visible with the wardrobe doors open. If you scuff the walls with coat hangers, shoes and other items you might store such as bags and suitcases, these scuffs will be visible on your wall and you may need to re-paint or decorate.

It's entirely possible that with any face frame wardrobe with no backs or sides your clothes can become cold, damp and possibly mouldy as there's no protection from any potentially very cold walls, particularly if the wardrobe will be against an external wall or your walls are poorly insulated, or just that they're old if you're in an older property.

At Online Bedrooms, we offer full cabinetry as standard, made from 18mm MFC on all five sides and with the cabinetry available in 10+ colours and décors for true personalisation. The cabinetry and the doors are both made to measure for millimetre perfect wardrobes that fit your space beautifully.

For those who are more budget conscious, Online Bedrooms do offer a similar front frame system which we call Essentials. This is usually around 40% cheaper than an equivalent full cabinet wardrobe from ourselves and is made from high quality 18mm MFC just like our full cabinetry.

Our MFC is sustainably sourced from British forests and tested to high standards and has a CO2/m2 of -13.3kg. This is because more CO2 is absorbed into and stored within the wood during its growth than is emitted during both the production and transport stages.

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Use of MDF

No MDF is involved anywhere in our cabinetry. It's worth checking with any fitted wardrobe company to see if they use MDF in their cabinetry construction. MDF contains formaldehyde and can release dangerous particles that can cause health and respiratory issues.

This is particularly concerning if the company if sawing the MDF in your bedroom, particularly without adequate ventilation.

Note that your Sharps fitter will be sawing and chopping up peices of wood on-site to make them fit, because their panels are not made to measure from the factory.



Do you get more wardrobe with Sharps?

This answer varies depending on how you frame it. With a face-frame wardrobe such as the one that Sharps offers, you do technically get a bit more internal storage space, although not enormous amounts.

It's also worth considering how much you'll gain from this, as a few cm of extra wall space will mean a little wider internally, the extra height isn't much of a gain as most people don't stack their clothes up until they hit the ceiling.

Because our full carcass wardrobes come with tops, backs and sides as standard, a fitted wardrobe from Online Bedrooms comes with considerably more cabinetry... so if you have a Sharps quote which is much higher than ours, you don't get more wardrobe material itself. (ie. the actual physical materials that you're paying for, such as cabinetry).

As such, we conclude that an Online Bedrooms wardrobe represents much better value for money.


Delivery & lead times

Our average lead time is 3-4 weeks from order being confirmed (ie, payment received) to delivery. As soon as the wardrobes arrive, you can start to assemble them yourself or hire a third party fitter if you’re not DIY confident.

With Sharps, there’s no average lead time mentioned on the website. We would encourage customers to look at Sharps Trustpilot reviews for mentions of lengthy lead times by comparison, with many customers waiting 4+ months for their furniture.

Once the furniture is delivered, you must wait for the installer. Sharps use a network of third party contracted fitters to complete the job which is not always immediately after taking delivery.

With an Online Bedrooms wardrobe, you can fit yourself immediately or you can have a local fitter ready to go to get your project completed... our cabinets take just 20 minutes to build on average.



Sharps offer their customers a 12 year guarantee on their furniture and it’s installation. By comparison, at Online Bedrooms we offer a 15 year guarantee on your cabinetry because we’re so confident in the quality of our furniture, plus up to a 15 year guarantee on the wardrobe doors, depending on the range and style.

You can learn more about our warranty here.


Soft-close doors

Sharps offer soft-close doors and drawers as standard across their range. At Online Bedrooms we offer this too, but with 155° wide-angle hinges on our doors. All Online Bedrooms wardrobe doors are made to measure.

We do not use standard sized doors and then increase the size of the filler panels or framework to suit the space. Ask your Sharps designer if they do this...


Getting a design & quote

Sharps offer a free home design, where one of their self-employed Design Consultants will visit your home, measure your space and create a design and quote for you. Naturally, the cost of this is built into your quotation.

Some people prefer not to have the hassle and stress of a salesperson being in their home trying to convince them to buy, or potentially badgering them afterwards. At Online Bedrooms, our service is entirely remote for maximum convenience.

You simply add in your information (including measurements for your space and desired style, colour, handles, internals etc) to one of our online Quote Forms and a designer will be in touch within 2 working days to produce a free 3D design and transparent quote, with each item individually priced for full visibility of where your money is going.

You can arrange a Zoom meeting to tweak the design further, or discuss via phone and email.


Minimum order value & pricing transparency

Sharps do not showcase any pricing or suggested pricing on their website. Their quotations do not give itemised costs for each part of your fitted bedroom, but rather a final cost and then a space for discounts.

They almost always have a large discounted offer available on selected ranges, often with a minimum order value.

At Online Bedrooms, we have no minimum order value at all, regardless of whether we're running a promotion or not, with the exception of our Buy Now, Pay Later offer which has a minimum order value of £1200.

All Online Bedrooms quotes are fully transparent and itemised so you can see exactly how much every single element of your bedroom order costs, giving you the flexbility to make tweaks to get the quotation to suit your budget.


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