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Fitted Wardrobes For Bulkheads & Stair Boxes

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Many properties have bedrooms that feature bulkheads over their staircases and hundreds of people every month are wondering how to build a wardrobe over a bulkhead. If you're looking for some bulkhead wardrobe ideas, we can help!

We can build a made to measure fitted wardrobe for your bulkhead and deliver it, flat-packed ready for self-installation (or hire a local tradesperson) in just 4 weeks. Plus, you get up to 15 years guarantee on your new furniture.

All of our furniture is built at our factory in Nottinghamshire and delivered across the UK mainland for customers to build themselves, allowing you to get your dream fitted wardrobes, make the most of your space and not spend a fortune.


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How to get your bulkhead wardrobe

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We can generally work with all kinds of spaces when creating our bulkhead wardrobes to build a wardrobe over a stair box. If you have a square stair box bulkhead, this is easiest. You can either have the wardrobe built just on the bulkhead itself to fill the space perfectly, or it can go across the room, with a shorter and then taller cabinets beside each other, all totally made to measure. This will use beautiful full cabinetry with 18mm solid panels on all 5 sides, in a range of décors and with 5 door styles to choose from.

if your room has a triangular stairbox like in the image above then we can build a wardrobe around it using our Front Frame system, which we call our Essentials range. As you can see from the image above, we create a made to measure frame onto which your doors will hang.

Inside you can then choose from our Essentials range of internal options, which include rails, shelving, drawers and combinations of all three. These are lower cost options and don't have full cabinetry. You can either paint your triangular stair box or we can supply some panels for you to cut to size and fit around it.

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We're still working on finalising an enquiry form specifically for those with bulkheads. In the meantime, you can speak to a designer by clicking the button below. Please include a photo of your space and notes on anything you'd like. The designer will then request specific measurements from you and can quote and design from there. Thanks for your patience.


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