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What affects the price of my bespoke wardrobe?

There's lots of different factors that will affect the quotation we put together for you for your fitted wardrobe, walk-in wardrobe or other bespoke furniture from us. We pride ourselves on offering superb quality cabinetry in market-leading timescales of just 3-4 weeks, completely made to measure.

Our core business model is to offer customers amazing value and often that means helping them to get the price down to something that's the perfect balance of specification and price. For that reason, we're happy to share ways of making your fitted wardrobe quotation as low in price as possible.


How can I make my quote cheaper?


1. Doors

Of course, if you're looking for a walk-in wardrobe with no doors, you can skip this part!

We offer a range of different hinged and sliding door styles for your wardrobe. For those looking for hinged doors, our standard Modern - Smooth doors are the best value, whereas our feature doors (2 and 4-Panel Shaker, plus Handleless) carry a premium as they are more time-consuming to manufacture and cost us more to make. So if you're looking to get the lowest price possible, opt for the Modern - Smooth doors.

When it comes to our sliding doors, there's two ways to save money. Firstly, you can opt for our full mirror doors instead of the triple panel. These are around £50 per door cheaper. Secondly, opting for the minimum number of doors will help. Our wider doors (900mm+) cost more than the narrower doors... however it stands to reason that the fewer doors you have, the lower the cost.


2. Drawers

One of the most expensive parts of a wardrobe are the drawers. Drawer boxes are made up of a metal box, runners and a fascia. Multiple components mean a higher cost, so if you're looking to keep your costs to a minimum when it comes to your fitted wardrobe, try to reduce the number of drawers you're having. It can affect the price quite dramatically.

If internal drawers are desirable but a lower price is more desirable, consider shelving with pull-out storage boxes instead.


3. Number of cabinets

It stands to reason that the more material you have, the higher the cost of production and therefore the higher the cost of the furniture. If you're trying to keep the price down, try to have as few cabinets as possible. Each of our internal option cabinetry is made to measure to any width you desire.

If the cabinet is more than 600mm wide then it requires two doors rather than a single door (which again, increases the cost). Try to use the minimum number of cabinets as you can. Your designer will try to do this for you when designing your wardrobe to give you the optimum cost-effective solution.


cabinet saving

A 2400mm wide wardrobe could have 4x 600mm cabinets.

You could switch this to 2 x 700mm and 1 x 1000mm cabinet.

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