Full Carcass v Face Frame - What's The Difference?

A number of customers ask us about the key differences between full carcass and face frame (otherwise known as front frame) fitted wardrobes. As we offer both options to our customers, we wanted to make sure that everybody was aware of all the facts and the main differences between the two.



Let's start with one of the most important elements; the price. As front-frame wardrobes don't have sides, backs, tops or bases they use much less material. As a result, there's a significant cost saving for customers.

On average, our face frame wardrobes are 30% cheaper than full carcass alternatives. 


Shape & Layout

When it comes to the shape and layout of your room and the wardrobes that you want, there are a couple of important things to note. Our full cabinet wardrobes are made to measure to suit any shape, so they can be made for the exact angles of your room if you want wardrobes for a loft conversion, angled wardrobes for a sloping roof or anything similar.

By contrast, our Essentials range of face frame wardrobes are only available as straight or L-shape runs. They can go from wall-to-wall or have an open end (with a large end panel for neatness) but cannot be made for specific angles or unusual shaped spaces.


Colours & Styles

Our Essentials face frame wardrobes come with the same range of doors and door colours as the full cabinet alternatives. However, when it comes to the interior, this is where things start to change.

On our full carcass fitted wardrobes, we offer a collection of 10+ colours & décors for the 18mm MFC carcass, meaning when you open your doors you see beautiful wardrobe cabinetry and it feels like a more premium product.

By comparison, our face frame wardrobes have limited internal options, with either Dust Grey cabinets (made from the same 18mm MFC) if you choose shelving or drawers, and then hanging rails that will attach to your walls. Walls will be visible with this range, as will your floor and ceiling inside the wardrobe.


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